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This online scheduler below works for all sessions with Christine Eartheart or with our new therapist and coach (who we are so excited to have on our team and make available to you!), Amanda McKenzie. Whether you are specifically interested in sessions and services through Joy Potential (www.JoyPotential.com/coaching) or through our Center for Thriving Relationships (www.CenterThrive.com/counseling), you are in the right place.

Thanks so much for being here. We truly look forward to supporting you with all our hearts!

Want to learn more about coaching and counseling sessions through Joy Potential and what Christine and Amanda offer? Just click HERE.


A big, warm welcome! We’re about to begin an amazing journey together, and it starts the moment you schedule your first session. An abundance of loving gratitude and congrats! It is our greatest honor and joy to help people transform whatever isn’t working in their lives, from the root cause, and to bring your mind, body, heart, and spirit into alignment with what you long to feel and experience. We are in awe of the human capacity for transformation — which is why we LOVE what we do. So much is possible, and we are here for you every step of the way!

We can’t wait to connect soon. Wonderful things are ahead!


Sessions are available anywhere in the world via phone, Skype, Zoom, or in person @ the Eartheart Institute in Bloomington, IN.


60 minutes – $125
75 minutes – $150
90 minutes – $175
2 hours – $225
3 hours – $300

Unfortunately, Christine is not able to take traditional insurance. However, you can use your HSA (Health Savings Account) with Christine! Amanda McKenzie, who recently joined our team, is an amazing therapist, coach, and facilitator of healing and transformation and accepts traditional insurance. We practice out of the same office but at different hours, giving you even more options, flexibility, and availability.


Questions for Christine? Email Christine@JoyPotential.com

Questions for Amanda? Email Amanda@JoyPotential.com

Questions about Insurance or Billing? Email Tris@CenterThrive.com


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