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My online scheduler below works for ALL sessions with me  — whether you are specifically interested in sessions and services I offer through Joy Potential (www.JoyPotential.com), Heart Spirals (www.HeartSpirals.com,) or through our Center for Thriving Relationships (www.CenterThrive.com).

Thanks so much! I truly look forward to supporting you with all my heart!


A big, warm welcome! We’re about to begin an amazing journey together, and it starts the moment you schedule your first session. An abundance of loving gratitude and congrats! It is my greatest honor and joy to help people transform whatever isn’t working in their lives, from the root cause, and to bring your mind, body, heart, and spirit into alignment with what you long to feel and experience. I am in AWE of the human capacity for transformation — which is why I LOVE what I do. SO much is possible, and I am here for you every step of the way!

For your first appointment, I highly recommend scheduling a 2-hour session. It’s not necessary, but I want to be sure you leave the office having experienced breakthroughs and feeling LOTS better than you did when arriving. Two hours will allow us time to get connected and make magic happen! Typically, I recommend 90-minute or 2-hour sessions onward, as it really allows us to combine coaching/counseling with mind-body and energy healing techniques that are just so very powerful and that, in my 12+ years of doing this work, I’ve found to be more effective than hundreds of hours of only talking about something. If someone was choosing between weekly 1-hour sessions or bi-weekly 2-hour sessions, I’d almost always recommend the 2-hour ones. All this being said, if your time and resources make one-hour sessions easier, we can absolutely do that. I just wanted to be sure to give you my recommendation.

Prior to your first session, please complete the Client Information Form so that I can support you in the ways that will serve you the most! You can print this form HERE and complete it by hand, or you can complete the form securely online HERE. Be assured that all forms and answers are held in utmost confidentiality and compassion. Thanks so much for sharing!

I can’t wait to see you soon! Wonderful things are ahead!

60 minutes – $125
75 minutes – $150
90 minutes – $175
2 hours – $225
3 hours – $300
Pre-paid package of 6 hours (can be divided up however you would like!) – $600 (SAVE $150!)
Pre-paid package of 10 hours (can be divided up however you would like!) – $895 (SAVE $355!)


Unfortunately, I am not able to take traditional insurance. However, you can use your HSA (Health Savings Account)! Also, my beloved husband is an amazing therapist, coach, and facilitator of healing and transformation and accepts traditional insurance! We practice out of the same offices. You can visit his scheduler at this link. He sees clients for all sorts of things, from anxiety to relationships to addictions to trauma release to business coaching! www.CenterThrive.com/book You can reach him directly at 812-345-2176 or bret@centerthrive.com. He also may have times available that I don’t — so it gives you more options. We want to make sure you receive all the support you long for and deserve!


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