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Coach Certification

September 27 - October 1 in Bloomington, IN

A transformative 5-day immersion to learn the proven roadmap for helping people awaken true inner happiness.

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Want to learn the most powerful emotional healing formula I've ever found…

…to help people remember and realign with all the magic, possibilities, and beauty of what we came to this planet to experience, create, delight in, and share?

And to spend 5 personally life-changing days doing it?

If so, I would be truly honored to equip you with emotional healing and joy awakening superpowers that will empower you to facilitate what will feel like miracles for others…

…and will plug them back into the light of joy we all came here to remember and reignite (for the greater good of all).

Over the past 20 years of having the tremendous privilege of sitting in thousands of deeply vulnerable sessions with clients, these are some of the most common challenges I’ve heard people say…

Chances are, you can relate to some of these things too. And wouldn’t it be amazing to know exactly how to help others with them?!


It’s something nearly everyone longs to experience more of…

…yet, for most people, it feels mysterious, fleeting, inaccessible, and inconsistent.

Most techniques out there only address one or two aspects of joy (like mindset, healing the past, or goal setting), so it doesn’t last or fully work…

…and that’s because joy is multidimensional, and if we want to fully awaken our Joy Potential, we need to address all 7 levels.

The 7 Levels of Awakening Our Joy Potential


Everything is energy, and joy is a frequency we need to know how to activate. As an energy healer of 20 years, it’s my bliss to help people tap into joy on this vibrational level.

This certification also includes training on how to effectively use tapping (a remarkable technique that involves accessing energy points to create instant and phenomenal shifts).


Every thought, memory, and emotion has a correlating response in the body. Therefore, when we tap into the wisdom of the body and nervous system and transform on that level, we can upgrade our joy at lightning speed, and it spills over to how we see and approach everything.

The Mind

We address the mind in three key ways during this certification: by learning how to reimprint the subconscious, by transforming our mindset, and by learning how we can use the power of neuroplasticity to rewire our minds specifically for greater joy.


Repressed, stuck, and misdirected feelings close our hearts and block the pathway for joy. Therefore, learning how to skillfully navigate, befriend, and honor all of our feelings is key to keeping the joy channel open for maximum flow.


Relationships and joy are utterly inseparable. How we choose to see, approach, and relate to others is in direct proportion to the amount of joy we will feel.


All of the above are wonderful, but we need to actually take aligned, inspired, strategic actions to cultivate our joy.


Most people hunger to feel more spiritually connected – but don’t know where to start or how to integrate spirituality into their lives in a way that is personally meaningful, deeply enjoyable, and resonates with who they are now.

You will learn how to help people plug back into this infinite wellspring of positive energy – and in a way that is universal and can fit into any belief system. 

I have consolidated the best of the best of what I have personally found to be most effective for helping people become lighter, freer, and happier.

Plus, you will learn my signature Reimprinting Joy Method, my #1 healing formula which combines all 7 levels above and has led to clients consistently and repeatedly saying things like:

“I got more out of this one session than years of talk therapy elsewhere.”

“I feel like a completely different person from just this one session, in the best of ways!”

“The thing that has been plaguing me for YEARS feels like it’s gone from just this one session.”

“I feel so light and finally free.”

I’m so glad you asked.

For starters, when we’re in a state of joy:

If joy is that compelling, why aren’t people tapping into it?

Chances are, they’ve tried.

But they’ve chased the wrong things and/or unknowingly had the “joy brakes” on in at least one (usually several) of those 7 key layers above.

That’s why we address ALL of them in this Joy Potential Coach Certification training.

Hi, I’m Christine Eartheart, Founder of Joy Potential.

Over the past 20+ years and after thousands of client sessions and my own personal healing journey, I’ve developed an enthusiastic conviction that we all have what I call a “Joy Potential,” an innate capacity to awaken our minds, bodies, hearts, and spirits to higher states of being.

(The research also backs this up. 😍)

It is the delight of a lifetime to get to support others in tapping into their own Joy Potential…

…and now to get to train and empower YOU to do the same.

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This training is for:

  • healing practitioners of any kind (coaches, therapists, energy healers, massage therapists, etc.) who want an incredibly powerful methodology to help people access true joy
  • aspiring coaches looking for a career change or a fulfilling and meaningful side gig
  • or anyone simply looking for a personally transformative journey of awakening your own Joy Potential

You will have a powerful methodology to start seeing clients immediately, virtually or in person, and will know how to facilitate remarkable sessions that leave clients feeling profoundly lighter, freer, clearer, more aligned, inspired, and right on track to pursue all their heart’s desires and awaken their true joy.

Not at all! I imagine we’ll have several people who attend solely for personal growth, and that’s amazing! Of course, it will unavoidably spill over to touch the lives of everyone you encounter, and they will feel the difference in you and want some too. 😉

Absolutely! Some of you will be drawn to one-on-one coaching and others of you will get most excited about sharing these methodologies with groups – or a combination thereof. Any of these formats are fabulous and perfect, and I have extensive experience sharing these tools with both individuals and groups, with incredible success – and I can’t wait to train you to do the same!

I love to teach in a whole brain, whole being way. This means, you will learn through:

  • Embodied practices
  • Slides, manuals, and concrete tools
  • Rituals, magic, and ceremonies
  • Community and heart-centered connection
  • Transformational processes
  • Personal reflections
  • Understanding the science + research behind things + essential teachings from Positive Psychology
  • Getting to witness deeply moving demonstrations with other students who volunteer
  • An energy field of inspiration, upliftment, positive energy, and so much LOVE
  • Going deep and flying high
  • Getting to see and feel the undeniable results for yourself


Your investment Includes:

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I am so incredibly grateful you are here and that we get to be on this journey of healing, growing, and awakening together 💗

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