*We warmly welcome you to email to be placed on the waitlist.

Mondays from 7-9 p.m.

Starts June 2024
(see specific dates below)
@ the Eartheart Institute in Bloomington, IN

Limited to 25 women. This circle has sold out with a waitlist each time, and you are encouraged to register as soon as you know you want to attend! This will be the last series of 2024.

women's circle Bloomington, Indiana
want to discover a spiritual connection that delights you, grounds you, heals you, comforts you, expands you, and allows you to tap into an infinite wellspring of joy and possibilities otherwise unavailable
are tired of feeling drained, stressed, scattered, overwhelmed, caught in unhelpful emotional tailspins and mental loops, overly impacted by those around you, and/or disconnected from your inner peace, spark, light, and deeper knowing
want to feel a sense of magic, wonder, and the sacred in your everyday life and learn tangible practices that can fit into your busy lifestyle and unique spiritual path
love the idea of co-creating and manifesting with the Universe as your greatest ally, confidante, teammate, and playmate
want to unclog the spiritual pipes and return to the flow and live from the highest frequency and vibration of your soul
are ready for a spiritual recentering, recalibration, and reorientation to life that puts what matters most to you back in the driver’s seat
want to know how to easily access and tap into higher guidance, support, and direction
want to reclaim the more sensitive, intuitive, soulful part of you that may have gotten lost in the midst of academic, logistical, and materialistic pursuits
want to find ways for spiritual things like reverence, communion, prayer, altars, sacred spaces, devotion, blessings, awakening, pilgrimage, ceremony, ritual, and meditation to be unbound by negative connotations from the past and reclaimed in a way that deeply nourishes and inspires you

This will be experiential and embodied so that you undoubtedly and undeniably KNOW and feel your spiritual connection on a whole-being and intimate level, not simply an intellectual one.

It’s going to be FULL of LOVE, sisterhood, laughter, joy, authenticity, and a whole lot of WOW. Want to play in the land of possibilities with us?

Divine Joy women's circle Bloomington, IN

1 – The more spiritually connected I am, the more joy I feel.

Even better?
The more things flow, the more serendipities appear, the more visions and insights come to me, the more clearly I can hear my intuition, the more inspired I am, the more life force energy and vitality courses through me, the more open my heart becomes, the more connected I am to my purpose, the more love I am able to give and receive, the more I can be of service to others, and the more truly wondrous and mystical life becomes.
Which, of course, also means…

…the less spiritually connected I am, the more I struggle, the less present I am to the magic and beauty, the duller life becomes, the more stress I experience, and the less joy and peace I feel.
>>> And I’ve found the same to be true for others too. <<<

2 – So many people long to feel both more joy and more spiritually connected and yet…

…don’t make time for it, don’t know how, and/or don’t resonate with ideas they’ve heard thus far of what it means to be “spiritual” — and so they neglect or abandon this part of themselves altogether.
And they suffer and feel like something is missing as a result.

That’s what inspired me to create this program, and I am excited and honored to invite you to join us!

Divine Joy women's circle Bloomington, IN

Is this based on any religion?

Not at all! Whatever spiritual path you are on — and wherever you are on it —  is perfect.
This is for all faith and spiritual traditions as well as for those questioning everything, for those who already feel deeply connected, and for those wondering if such a connection can even exist.
Whether you use the language of trees, energy, Love, God, the Divine, Source, Spirit, the Universe, Infinite Intelligence, the Great Mystery, cosmic vibration, the Holy Wow, or anything beyond or in between: we welcome you fully. 
There is nothing you need to believe or think or do.
All I ask (and this is supremely important!): that you come with curiosity, an open heart and mind, and the willingness to explore with us and to help co-create the safest space where the diverse spiritual beliefs of everyone in the circle are fully honored.


What if I need to miss a week?

No problem! We will make sure you are fully in the loop with the activities you missed, and we will be so grateful to have you with us for as many sessions as possible.

spiritual women's circle in Bloomington, Indiana

Mondays from 7-9 p.m.

June 3
June 10
June 17
July 1
July 8
July 15
July 29
August 5
spiritual women's circle in Bloomington, Indiana
@ the Eartheart Institute
Bloomington, IN
(directions given upon registering)
spiritual women's circle in Bloomington, Indiana
Open to just 25 women.
Only 2 spots left.
spiritual women's circle in Bloomington, Indiana
*Includes special gifts and magical treasures you receive and get to take home each week!


*Early bird ends May 21.

$333 for all 8 weeks
(or 3 payments of $111 each)
$597 for all 8 weeks for both of you
(or 3 payments of $197 each)


$397 for all 8 weeks
(or 3 payments of $133 each)
spiritual women's circle in Bloomington, Indiana

If you feel the nudge – get ready for your soul to be singing that you answered the call. It’s going to be very special, and I would be honored to share this with YOU!

Abundant Love, Gratitude, and Joyous Blessings,


Christine Eartheart