Yoga Nidra

Individual + Group Sessions

We are thrilled to offer the deeply restorative and nourishing practice of Yoga Nidra to you! All Yoga Nidra offerings, including private sessions, group classes, and workshops, are facilitated by Rhonda Robinson.

Rhonda has Advanced Certification in the Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra and she is committed to creating a warm, nurturing, and supportive space, whether online or in person, for you to relax and come into alignment with the true essence of who you are!

You will be lovingly guided to effortlessly release blocks to your inner peace and restore a sense of balance and harmony to your life.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation technique, done in a comfortable position, usually lying down. Using a variety of breath, body, and awareness practices, you are guided into deep levels of relaxation, peace, and stillness.

In this state, between wakefulness and sleep, the nervous system can come into balance and long held habits, limiting beliefs, and harmful patterns can be released spontaneously and effortlessly, bringing healing to the
body, mind, and spirit.

In this place of relaxation, we disconnect from THINKING and reconnect with BEING, a non-doing state where profound transformation can take place without effort. Yoga Nidra is deeply replenishing to the body. In fact, it is said that 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra is as restorative as 3 hours of sleep!

Who Can Benefit from Yoga Nidra?

This practice is accessible and beneficial to almost anyone! No prior meditation or yoga experience is necessary. In fact, Yoga Nidra is a wonderful technique for people who have difficulty meditating due to a busy mind.

All you need to do is follow the guidance and allow yourself to rest. You will be warmly guided into deep relaxation. There is no need to do anything or try to make anything happen. You might even be surprised by how deeply relaxed you feel during your very first practice.

As someone said recently, after their first session, “Wow! I don’t think my mind has ever been that quiet in my entire life! I can’t believe how relaxed I feel right now. I didn’t know that was even possible!”

What Does Yoga Nidra Help With?

– Stress

– Anxiety

– Overwhelm

– Depression

– Trauma (both recent and past)


– Insomnia

– Addictions

– Brain Injuries

– Unhelpful Habits

– Relationship Struggles

– Grief

– Chronic Pain

– Chronic Illness

– Other Issues that Bring Discomfort or Suffering

What to Expect

After a short discussion, you will lie down (or find a position that is most comfortable for your
body) for the duration of the practice. All you need to do is follow the guidance as you are gently led through a series of techniques to relax the body and mind. Other than that, you don’t have to do anything at all! This is a time for you to rest deeply.

If working one-on-one, in private sessions, your practice will be tailored to fit your specific
concerns or challenges. The techniques, affirmations, and intentions used for your practice will be unique to you and will evolve from session to session.

The sessions will build on each other over time, as you release old patterns
and your needs change. If new issues or challenging situations arise in your life, your practice
will change to address those things and help you respond from a more centered place.

If participating in a group class, whether in person or virtually, the practice will focus on either a
general theme (such as stress reduction) or you will be given the opportunity to set your own
intention silently.


Individual Sessions:

60 minutes
(Click Here to Book)

$85 per session

90 minutes
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$125 per session

3 Month Personal Transformation Experience:

This transformative program is designed to help you release deeply rooted patterns which are blocking you from living the life you most truly desire! Before your first practice, you will have a free 20-minute session with Rhonda to discuss where you are in your life and where you would like to be. During this time, you will work together to set your intention for the experience.

Over the course of the 3-months, you will very likely start to notice yourself responding to situations with less reactivity and living a life that is more harmonious and in alignment with your true essence. These changes happen effortlessly, on a subconscious level, and can have a profound impact on your daily life. This program can be truly and deeply life-changing!

(9 sessions, 60 minutes each)

9 private 60-minute sessions, to guide you back to your most harmonious state of being.

Investment: $680
(Discounted rate of $75 per session.)

Purchase this package HERE.

(9 sessions, 90 minutes each)

Includes 9 private 90-minute sessions, to guide you back to your most harmonious state of being.

Investment: $1000
(Discounted rate of $111 per session.)

Purchase this package HERE.

Trying to choose between the 60 and 90 minute program? If you enjoy more discussion and guidance about what is coming up in your life and would like plenty of time to share the things you are experiencing, the 90-minute program is a great fit!

If you are satisfied with having shorter discussions, you might prefer the 60-minute program. The length of the Yoga Nidra practice itself is similar for each program (usually between 40 – 45 minutes). The primary difference is the amount of time available for discussion and guidance.

To schedule your free 20-minute consultation to explore how this program might best serve and support you, click HERE. There is never any pressure to sign up.

Preparing for Virtual Session

– Wear non-restrictive clothing and choose a place where you will be as comfortable as possible. Many people find their bed to be the ideal place for this practice, although the floor is another good option.

– Have a flat pillow or folded blanket to place under your head, and a blanket to cover your body.

– If you are comfortable with an eye covering, it is highly recommended! This calms the
nervous system and helps the body relax. (If you don’t have an eye pillow, a scarf or similar cloth would be great too!)

– Try to refrain from large meals 1-2 hours before your session. A large meal could prevent you from entering into deeper relaxation.

– Please make your space as free from distractions as possible, and silence notifications on your phone and computer if that’s an option for you.

– If you’re unable to lie on your back, that’s okay! Just choose a position that is best for your body. This could even be in a chair or a recliner. However, if you have low back pain, you might consider placing a pillow under your knees. This often makes lying on the back more comfortable.

– Above all, know that you are welcome just as you and this will be a nurturing and
supportive online space for you to deeply relax!

(If you are attending a virtual group session, you are free to turn off your camera after the initial short
discussion, if that makes you most comfortable. Also, please know that there is never any pressure to interact during these group sessions. This time is for you to relax!)

Schedule a FREE 20-minute Consultation

 To schedule your free 20-minute Yoga Nidra consultation click HERE. Rhonda would love to answer any questions you have about Yoga Nidra and explore how she may best support you through this beautiful and transformative practice!

About Rhonda Robinson
Certified Yoga Nidra Facilitator and Reiki Practitioner

When we first brought Rhonda onto our team, we gave her the unofficial title of Love Angel. Why? Because that’s just who she is! Everyone who interacts with her is touched by her loving kindness and feels cared for and seen.

A true healer and artist at heart, Rhonda has served others in many ways throughout her life. She has degrees in both Psychology and Nursing and has been honored to support people through some of life’s most challenging moments.

After her own deeply transformative experience with Yoga Nidra, Rhonda knew that part of her life’s purpose was sharing this practice with others. She received Advanced Certification in the Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra and is also certified to facilitate Yoga Nidra for children and teens. Nothing brings her greater joy than sharing this practice with her clients and witnessing the profound transformation it so often brings.

Rhonda is also thrilled to offer Reiki, a hands-on energy healing technique to individuals looking to release stress and experience greater balance and peace.

If you have any questions about Yoga Nidra or Reiki, please contact Rhonda at She will be delighted to share more about these beautiful practices.