Join Christine Eartheart for

The Empowered Teen

a fun, inspiring, and transformative program for ages 13-18

to create a lifetime of connection, purpose, and joy.

July 25-29 (3:00-6:00 each day)

Held @ the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center, Bloomington, IN
(*this has no religious affiliation and welcomes all paths)

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Join us to…

Discover what uniquely motivates you so you can GET lit up and STAY lit up about life!

Plug into positive energy, and learn techniques, based in Positive Psychology and grounded in neuroscience, to literally wire your brain and orient your mind, heart, body, and spirit towards LASTING happiness.

Learn to create a kind of JOY you have control over and can actively cultivate from the INSIDE out.

group of kids shouting or singing

Connect to your AUTHENTIC voice and PERSONAL POWER so you can confidently and courageously pave your unique path in the world.

Learn about limiting beliefs, how they hold you back, and how to create empowering new beliefs, anchored in SELF-LOVE and SELF-WORTH, that propel you forward and upward.

Learn to identify and express all your FEELINGS in healthy, empowering ways.

Learn and practice effective and cutting-edge tools to manage stress and anxiety.

beautifull young woman doing yoga in the sunrise

Discover your key STRENGTHS and how to lead your life with them, and uncover and reclaim the strengths on the flip-side of your “weaknesses.”

Be empowered to go WITH, rather than against, whatever challenges you encounter, and learn how to make everything work FOR you.

Practice the power of KINDNESS, COMPASSION, and GENEROSITY, and learn how essential they are to life’s greatest fulfillment.

Learn to create supportive RELATIONSHIPS with others who uplift you and where you mutually want for each other the very best.

group of happy teenage friends hugging on street

Learn healthy ways of COMMUNICATING (with your parents, friends, coaches, teachers, etc.) that honor the needs of everyone involved, cultivate understanding and empathy, create win-win solutions, and leave you both feeling deeply heard.

Reignite creativity, wonder, and play, and begin living in the land of possibilities!

Learn to make life meaningful and purposeful, and create a compelling vision for your future that inspires you and sets you up for abundant success.

Group of Teenagers Holding World Globe Map

Discover the life-changing power of gratitude, service, and enthusiasm and how to become both a beacon and magnet for positive things.

Cultivate a loving and encouraging relationship with the one person with whom you will share every moment of the rest of your life: YOU!

Connect to a joyful tribe of other teens here to support you in living your very best life!

Best friends enjoying time together outdoors at ferris wheel

Receive a clear, easy, effective, and comprehensive road map to living an empowered life of connection, purpose, and joy, and take home a guidebook to integrate everything you learn, supporting you as you continually grow and shine!

Leave feeling connected, empowered, and inspired about the life YOU have the power to create!


for The Empowered Teen