Reiki Testimonials

“Everything was perfect! Reiki 3 was such a beautiful experience. The training and the connections with other people were so inspiring and empowering!”

Rhonda Robinson

“This was a transformative experience. I learned so much! I truly feel like I advanced as a healer and soul.”

Emily Smith

“This was so amazing. This really brought my energy back to life! Thank you for guiding me to find my light and love for Reiki!”

Courtney Steger

“Thank you all so much. You have truly changed my life forever. I am forever grateful for the gift you have shared with me.”

Anna Stephan

“An amazing, Mind-blowing experience.”

Tamela Like

“Christine’s Reiki class is amazing! The empowerment given is truly a gift. Anyone of any age, background, at any stage of their life’s journey will truly benefit.”

Teresa Ely
“Christine’s joyfulness is genuine and contagious. I can imagine no better person to teach us Reiki!”
Amy Matthews
“I feel healed and ready to spread the light and love. This weekend opened me and inspired me and I’m feeling giddy about the rest of my life! I am truly grateful for this powerful experience – so grounding and empowering. Christine and the angels are amazing. Christine is a living example that it’s possible to live in and be in the energy of presence, love & joy. Thank you for the inspiration! Much much much love!”
Jane Orr
Jane Orr
“This has changed my life (truly), thank you.”
Audrey Eskonen
Audrey Eskonen
“Christine is the real deal, so full of joy & AMAZING! Incredible energy.”
Jane Smiley
Jane Smiley