“This joy retreat awakened a new outlook on life for me. It will have a profound impact on myself, my relationship and the people I came into contact with. It has truly changed me and for that I will be forever grateful.”
Amanda Sly

“Thank you all so much. You have truly changed my life forever. I am forever grateful for the gift you have shared with me.”

Anna Stephan
“It was PERFECT. Such an amazing experience. It felt good letting go of so much that has been weighing me down. Christine is one of the brightest lights in the world. Amazing!”
Christina Evans
“WONDERFUL! I came in with a load, and I am walking away with clarity, peace, and joy.”
Leonard Parker
“Truly amazing. This is just what I needed to find the peace and happiness I have been searching for. Joy, joy, joy!”
Jennifer Cochrane
“This was an amazing weekend! I leave full of so much joy and practices to keep it going. Everyone should attend.”
Troy Marchand
“This weekend was life changing! I became aware of some patterns of thinking that were only holding me back. Thank you so much Christine! I am so grateful that you have made the choice to share your healing gifts with the world! ❤️”
Kristin Kalb
“I loved the science behind the information you shared, and there are practical takeaways that I can immediately apply to create more joy in my life. The attunements were so powerful! Such an open, supportive environment. I felt so safe and supported. This has been yet another life-changing experience with Christine.”
Lavonne Overton
Lavonne Overton
“I felt slightly anxious coming in and I feel so light-hearted and empowered now!”
Landry Culp
“I left here a different person. And exactly at the time I was lost and needed it. This brought more light to my soul and gave me knowledge I can use to spread my love to others during their unhappy time. I’m filled!”
Angela Fletcher
Angela Fletcher