“Anything Christine offers ALWAYS, ALWAYS is spectacular and magical in every way!”
Susan Rae
“The space Christine creates is a beautiful, unforgettable experience. I can’t wait to partake in more!”
Jessica Riddell
“Everything was beautiful! I am beyond grateful for this experience and so elated I got to experience it. It was so profound for me and life-changing. I feel at home.”
Paige Renee
“This whole experience was so beautiful and healing! Christine holds such sacred space in a unique and warm way. I recommend this training a million percent!”
Emma Freeman
“This powerful gathering of souls has been like no other!”
Sharon Wailes
“Truly many longings and dreams fulfilled being here with you! Christine is a pure source of light and love! Her joy is contagious and I loved every minute of receiving her wisdom and being energized with her joy!”
Cheri DeBerry
“Thank you! Your passion and love for Reiki is evident and spills out! I loved it! I always knew there was something to energy but knew nothing about it. Not only did I learn more, but I was able to understand it and how to channel it!”
Bryan Schmittgens
“Loved it! I would totally recommend this to anyone. It was a life-changing experience.”
Tamar Montalvo Frohn
“I especially loved learning from Christine’s beautiful light and spirit!!! Radiant! Truly loved and cherished every single moment. Thank you for being so wonderful, loving, inspiring!”
Kelly Thompson
“Spending time with Christine, the assistants (angels), and classmates is inspiring, invigorating, and realigning. Christine and Bret’s property is an energetic oasis that enhanced the experience even more. I can wholeheartedly recommend Christine’s Reiki teaching experiences as a means to awaken this gift that resides in and around all of us.”
Chris Patteson, MD