“It was an amazing, enriching, and deeply healing experience. I’ve felt so inspired these last few days, it’s unreal. I feel like I’m bursting with creative, healing energy, and this energy seems to know just where to go! I wasn’t expecting this to be so incredibly profound. Thank you so very much for offering this beautiful experience.”

Joan Doe
“Perfect – BEST EVER! Christine as a teacher is the most JOYOUS and non-triggering and sweet light I have EVER experienced.”
Laura Henn
Laura Henn
“Anything Christine offers ALWAYS, ALWAYS is spectacular and magical in every way!”
Susan Rae
“The space Christine creates is a beautiful, unforgettable experience. I can’t wait to partake in more!”
Jessica Riddell
“Everything was beautiful! I am beyond grateful for this experience and so elated I got to experience it. It was so profound for me and life-changing. I feel at home.”
Paige Renee
“This whole experience was so beautiful and healing! Christine holds such sacred space in a unique and warm way. I recommend this training a million percent!”
Emma Freeman
“This powerful gathering of souls has been like no other!”
Sharon Wailes
“Truly many longings and dreams fulfilled being here with you! Christine is a pure source of light and love! Her joy is contagious and I loved every minute of receiving her wisdom and being energized with her joy!”
Cheri DeBerry
“Thank you! Your passion and love for Reiki is evident and spills out! I loved it! I always knew there was something to energy but knew nothing about it. Not only did I learn more, but I was able to understand it and how to channel it!”
Bryan Schmittgens
“Loved it! I would totally recommend this to anyone. It was a life-changing experience.”
Tamar Montalvo Frohn