“This experience was so perfect! Thank you for helping me find my connection to the Divine Joy within me! She is AMAZING!”
Chrysa Ake
“Felt so much love and joy every week! The tools collected for my personal toolkit have been life-changing… SO SO much good stuff. Spiritually, I feel more connected and know so many more ways to continually connect!”
Landry Culp
“10+++! It was far more than I was hoping for. My heart could burst with all the warmth and fellowship!”
Jody Rasp
“Absolutely incredible! It was such a sacred space for connection with other beautiful souls, ourselves, and the Divine. Everything was so beautiful and special. Wow!! Always so full of joy and the sweetest and most thoughtful surprises. It filled my heart each week!”
Rhonda Robinson
“My family and friends know how special this group has become to me. It has been life changing! It truly has brought so much joy and life lessons as well as many friends in just 8 short weeks and has filled my cup!”
Amber Hilton
“I had no idea what a treat I was in for when I signed up for this journey, and I am beyond grateful for this experience. I feel so very connected – not only to myself and my own inner light, but also to the Infinite Divine. I now have tools to revisit any of the meaningful lessons any time I need them, and also have little spiritual gifts to adorn my home as a reminder. I felt so empowered and supported throughout these eight weeks…”
Kristin Blair
“Over the top – unbelievable (Christine is mystical). Every single thing was always so beautiful, deep, breathtaking, glorious. It was masterful. Christine is the maker of rituals, the goddess of creating sacred space, the bringer of joy, the conduit of deepening our hearts and lifting our spirits and supporting us on our soul’s journey.”
Julie James
“I had no idea what to expect, and it became more than I could have ever imagined. Every week was a healing self-discovery. I can truly say that I am forever changed. It filled spaces in my spirituality that I didn’t even know needed a home.”
Elaine Chaney
“Exceeded expectations! I loved the homeplay and bringing the treasures to my altar so that I could literally bring the experiences and lessons into my life and spiritual toolkit! It is so soul nourishing to have authentic sharing in a circle of women, that it spirals our energies and enhances all of our individual experiences infinitely.”
Ethyl Ruehman
“More than exceeded expectations! I truly enjoyed every moment of every activity. Christine, you have such a beautiful way of making everything SO SPECIAL! I can never get enough. Everything was PERFECT. It has honestly become the thing I most look forward to each week.” 
Kena Hollingsworth