Buffalo Sisters Gift Circle

Bi-monthly on the 1st Wednesday of October and December 2019
7-10 p.m.
@ the Eartheart Institute
4307 S Leonard Springs Rd
Bloomington, IN

It’s FREE, and all women are warmly welcome!

Buffalo Sisters January 2019

Are you eager to connect with other like-hearted
women in an intentional, inspiring, and supportive way?
Do you have gifts or skills you would like to cultivate and share, in ways that nourish and illuminate your own life and others?
Do you want to learn from others and receive their healing, creative, and nurturing gifts of mind, body, heart, and spirit?
If you answered YES, we welcome you!

Let’s join our loving hearts together, enjoy the one-of-a-kind sweetness of sisterhood, receive and be replenished, give and be inspired, and celebrate the abundance of blessings each woman uniquely contributes to the greater whole!
Women interested in diverse healing modalities, personal growth, and spirituality gather bi-monthly for one-on-one trading sessions.
The Buffalo Sisters Gift Circle is a place for you to recognize, claim, cultivate, and share your own gifts (YES, you have MANY of them to share!) as well as fully receive the wonderfully nourishing gifts of others.
The evening’s layout includes opening and closing circles and four 20-minute trading sessions where you will be paired one-on-one with four others (for two of these sessions you give, for two you receive).
You do not need to come regularly. Simply join us when it flows in your journey, and invite any other sisters you know.
Women are asked to be present for the full duration of the circle (7-10 p.m.) when attending.

Buffalo Sisters Gift Circle

ALL adult women are warmly welcome!
Ages and interests are wonderfully varied and add to the richness. We do ask that women be 18+ years old.
There is never a cost to attend~ just your open heart and presence.
Every woman (yes that includes YOU!) has something special and meaningful to offer.
If you would like more info, have concerns or questions, or feel unsure about what you could offer, please be in touch.

Women with all ranges of experience are most welcome!

Examples of Gifts Women Have Brought:
energy healing
guided meditation
intuitive readings
creative projects
oracle cards
and many others!

Buffalo Sisters

In addition to the spirit of what is written above, here are some additional guiding values and principles all participating women are asked to uphold during our very special time together…

heartWe are all teachers and students of one another and have an abundance of things to both give and receive.
heartEach woman is asked to bring a meaningful and intentional contribution (“gift”) designed to deeply nurture the women with whom she is paired. When giving, each woman is focused on how she can best support the other sister(s) in the session. These gifts are not tangible and are, instead, gifts of mind, body, heart, and spirit.
heartWhen receiving, women are enthusiastically encouraged to practice the art of receiving, opening up and allowing yourself to be fed, nurtured, and supported in whatever ways you need. Sometimes, we receive from someone we wouldn’t have picked on our own. Trust this! Rather than resist it, go with it. Allow yourself to be surprised and to open to creative ways to be blessed by what this sister inherently does have to offer you.
heartWe agree to see one another through the eyes and heart of compassion. When we are at the Buffalo Sisters Gift Circle, our role is not to judge, make assumptions, blame, or criticize. Rather, our main focus is supporting, celebrating, and reflecting the beauty, love, and gifts in the other sisters gathered. In doing so, we amplify and grow these things in both ourselves and one another, for the greater good of all. We come together to strengthen the spirit of togetherness, loving kindness, and connectedness to ourselves, one another, and the planet.
heartWhat is shared is kept confidential, allowing the circle to be a safe haven of magical transformations, healing, and community.
heartYou may see women at the circle you already know in other communities (ex: workplace, other groups, from years ago). You are invited to open up to seeing your fellow sisters (and yourself!) in fresh and new ways every time we gather. May we allow one another to always be changing and growing, to be the dynamic women we are, to come together with gentle curiosity, openness, and wonder towards each other and ourselves.


Why Buffalo?

In various traditions, buffalo have powerful symbolism and serve as beautiful creatures who have much to teach us about life. Buffalo remind us of the abundance and beauty present when we recognize, honor, and give thanks for the many gifts and blessings already all around and within  us. We join together at our circle to become evermore aware of and celebrate this amazing abundance.

We truly look forward to welcoming you with all our hearts!

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