​7 Essential Keys to
Create True and Lasting Joy

& help others do the same

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Thursday, July 27th @ 7-8:30 pm EST


Can you relate...

Do you LONG to feel more joy – but find it to be fleeting, inaccessible, mysterious, or inconsistent?

Are you frustrated and discouraged that you keep doing the very thing you know isn’t good for you?

And do you wonder why you keep NOT doing the positive habits you know would help?

Do you have a lot to be grateful for and yet still feel stuck and not especially happy? 

Have you lost touch with your inner light and feel disconnected from who you truly are? 

Do you sense there must be more to experiencing a deeply meaningful and fulfilling life?

And/or are you a practitioner and hear clients say the above and want to feel confident in your ability to powerfully serve them with incredible healing breakthroughs to help them reclaim their joy?  

I wholeheartedly welcome you to join us to discover:

7 Essential Keys to
Create True and Lasting Joy

FREE Masterclass

Thursday, July 27th @ 7-8:30 pm EST

What Others Have Shared

Hi, I’m Christine Eartheart, Founder of Joy Potential, and I am so happy and grateful you are here!

Over the past 20+ years and after thousands of client sessions and my own personal healing journey, I’ve become an enthusiastic believer that we all have what I call a “Joy Potential,” an innate capacity to awaken our minds, bodies, hearts, and spirits to higher states of being.

(The research also backs this up.)

After having the tremendous honor of serving others and using my own life as a living laboratory, I’ve developed the most powerful emotional healing formula I’ve ever found to help people reconnect with joy.

And it is the delight of a lifetime to now get to train and empower others (like you!) to do the same, for the greater good of all.

Why? Nearly everyone on the planet longs to feel more joy but is lost — and we need many more people lighting the way.

Because, when we’re tapped into joy…we have more energy, vitality, and aliveness, we experience so many more moments of wonder, awe, and magic, our hearts open and have more love and kindness to give, our relationships improve, our health (mental and physical) dramatically improves, we manifest our dreams exponentially more quickly, we learn faster, we become more magnetic to people and positive situations, we heal more quickly, we have an overflow of goodness to share, we become beacons of positive energy that inspire and uplift, and we simply feel SO MUCH BETTER.

So let’s create a joy revolution! 

I can’t wait to do it together and connect more with you soon.

7 Essential Keys to Create True and Lasting Joy​

FREE Masterclass

Thursday, July 27th @ 7-8:30 pm EST

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