Rather Than Just Fix What’s Wrong, Build What’s Strong

So grateful for the monthly Buffalo Sisters Gift Circle that has been gathering at our home for 8+ years, for heart-centered connections, for spaces to come together to encourage, nurture, uplift, support, understand, and inspire one another, for opportunities to feel the incredible strength that comes from togetherness, for cultivating connection, for places to drop in and really see and hear one another, for the healing that is possible in safe and loving spaces, and for shared intentions to focus our energy on recognizing, appreciating, and growing the unique gifts within us all — for the greater good of all! <3 Last night’s circle also included all sorts of confetti I brought back from Peru that is traditionally used to make sacred offerings to Pachamama (Mother Earth) in celebration of the gift of life. When we travelled there last month, so many streets were lined with this sacred confetti and, when women left here last night, so were all of us, and so was our homesweethome! 😉 In Positive Psychology, research shows that the greatest changes happen when we don’t simply focus on fixing what’s WRONG but, instead, make sure we also spend an abundance of time and energy on growing what’s STRONG. We all offered up this confetti last night in recognition of those beautiful aspects of ourselves and our world we want to keep growing! I also intentionally handed out star stickers to everyone last night. It might seem silly (though I am all for the vital importance…

What Your Fear is Really Telling You

Fear is such an amazing part of our lives! 🙂 Here are some of the many things I love continually exploring and re-exploring in my own life and with my wonderful clients when it specifically comes to those personal fears in our hearts and minds that hold us back in any area of our lives: – Fears are so often (and so easily!) mistaken for red lights when, instead, they are usually GREEN lights showing us exactly where to go and GROW. – When we turn to face our fears and lean into them, they often disappear and, before we know it, become an area of ease within our newly expanded comfort zone (just think of the things that used to seem scary that are easy peasy now!). – Oftentimes, doing the very thing that scares us is the most powerful (and perhaps the only) way to truly transform the fear. – If we don’t face our fears… (1) they typically don’t go away on their own, (2) they can become paralyzing, (3) we become stuck in life, (4) they can leak out all over the place in other areas, (5) our world shrinks to fit the confines of our fears, (6) we clog our “spiritual pipes,” our intuition, and our calling, (7) and we disconnect from our true selves and what we came here to give, experience, receive, and SHINE! – If we aren’t experiencing some of these kinds of fears semi-regularly, it probably means we are staying a…

Don’t Wait For Anyone Else – Be Courageous With your Love and Kindness

​A smile too cute to possibly keep to myself​!​

The world is sooo much more beautiful when we don’t wait for someone else to smile at us before we smile at them, when we don’t wait for someone else to show kindness, generosity, grace, and love to us before we show those things to them.

Let’s freely share our hearts (and smiles!) — it’s what (re)connects us to who we really are, individually and together!

Wonderboy definitely endorses and models this way of living! 😉 Thank you so much to all of you who do the same and LEAD with love in your everyday interactions!

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”
William Arthur Ward

Warmest smiles from Wonderboy (and me!) to YOU! 🙂

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Seeds We Plant in Others Blossom on Their Timeline, Not Ours

​When we dropped our son, Mayan, off in August for his freshman year of college in Tempe, AZ at Arizona State University, we had fun writing up a bunch of lovenotes and scattering them throughout his dorm room for him to find >> http://joypotential.com/joyblog/leaveatrailoflove/ This summer, he was only home for a (delightful!) two weeks before taking off for an incredible summer in Mexico and Peru. The day before he left, when Bret and I were out on a run, what did we come home to find? These precious lovenotes from Mayan! Lovenotes on our cabinets, in our fridge and freezer, on mirrors, on our water heater, in our closets, on ceiling fans and doors, hanging above our bed, and so many other places, including one near the dog bowls on the floor for the pups to see 😉 I have learned so much on my journey of being the luckiest stepmama of this remarkable human being, alongside his two truly extraordinary parents. Now that I have the total honor and joy of bearing witness to his 19-year-old self, I’m appreciating, as much as ever, that sometimes the seeds we plant in those we adore take years to really grow roots within them — but they matter so very much and can end up making all the difference. To all you wonderful parents who feel stretched in so many ways and give and do so much without often seeing instant results from your amazing efforts, this is just a little…

Abundance is A Mindset

Don’t forget to eat your “weeds!” 🙂

Did you know that dandelion greens are full of calcium, iron, antioxidants, minerals, and so much more and are wonderful for detoxifying and cleansing the liver and body! Springtime is the best time for them, but be sure to only pick them from areas that have not been sprayed with any pesticides or fertilizers.

Dear Life,

May I be aware enough every single day to see all of the abundant gifts you offer all around us, all the time!

Endless Love and Gratitude,

Enjoy the nutritious feast right in front of you! Dandelion smoothie coming right up over here! 🙂

Being ALIVE is the Special Occasion

I have this wonderful roll-on glitter, and I used to just pull it out for special occasions.

One day I just left it on the window sill and didn’t put it away — for no particular reason.

Now, I see it everyday when I’m getting ready for the day. And, suddenly, it’s brought the question into my awareness, day after day: “is today a special occasion?”

And to that question, my heart instantly replies with a YES! Today is yet another special occasion!!!!

So, the glitter gets rolled on just about every day anymore! 🙂

And everyday really is a special occasion, BEING ALIVE IS THE SPECIAL OCCASION –and it is filled with opportunities to show up and make moments sparkle with love, kindness, and joy!

When you feel misunderstood, unappreciated, and all alone, remember this…

No matter what you are feeling or going through right now, know that there are other humans on the planet, if you were to tell them and if they had the courage to respond, who would look at you and say… “Ohmygollygoshgeegoodness! (or some variation of that 😉 ) I know EXACTLY how you feel. I know just what you mean. Me too.” It’s the best feeling when we find these people and we get to have these conversations. But, just know, even when you haven’t had them about whatever it is you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing, you aren’t alone. Even when it looks like nobody around you gets it, there are people who would totally get it. And it would be the best feeling for THEM too. One of the great blessings of getting to do the work I do is that I have the tremendous privilege and honor of people sharing their most exquisitely vulnerable, authentic selves with me. And after doing this work long enough, I feel like I can say the above with such conviction. Even when you LONG to feel seen, really seen, and aren’t. Even when you hunger for someone to GET IT, and it feels like nobody quite does. Rest assured, on some greater, cosmic, interconnected level, in this very moment, you are seen. You are heard. You are connected to all those others (probably thousands of them right this very second) who could nearly complete your sentences they get it so…

Who are you giving the authority over your own happiness?

I hold my pencil funny. For years, and with the best of intentions, my precious dad kept urging and instructing me to hold it the “right” way. I think I even got stickers as a reward when I did. 😉 As a little girl, I would look at him puzzled… “But WHY?” I simply didn’t get it. This worked for ME. I could still write endless pages of the creative stories I so loved to write and do everything else I possibly could — whether I held my pencil in the way he was certain was best or in the way that felt good and natural to me. And I certainly wasn’t doing anyone any harm. (Well, unintentionally, maybe my dad!) It just didn’t make sense. And I’m SO glad it didn’t. Sorry, Dad, I know you tried 😀 As adults, it’s a whole lot bigger than how he hold our pencil. It’s the careers, friends, and partners we choose, the clothes we wear, the ways we decorate our homes, and the cars we drive. It’s how we raise our own kids. It’s what we eat. It’s the places we spend our time. It’s the way we express ourselves. Or don’t. Who are you letting be the authority of your joy? Whose path are YOU on? The one somebody else decided was “right” for you? Or the one you know is right for you, because your whole being lights up with YES, because the proof is in the joy it…

When Doubt Gets in the Way

What gets in the way of you going towards whatever you feel called in your heart to pursue?


> > Doubt that it’s worth it.

> > Doubt that you are enough.

> > Doubt that it’s possible.

> > Doubt that you have what it takes.

> > Doubt that the Universe will support you.

> > Doubt that it’s too small or too big.

> > Doubt what others will think.

> > Doubt your intuition.

> > Doubt the unknown.

I get it. “Imperfect action” and “make mistakes even faster” have been two of my beloved companion mantras on my own journey to keep me dreaming, moving, creating, loving, serving!

With a heart cheering you on fully, here is a little loving reminder that DOUBT is what destroys more dreams than failure ever will.

Plus, when “failure” and “mistakes” happen, they end up having more wonderfully invaluable insights to teach us about what simply does and doesn’t work than doubt ever will. <3

May YOU believe in YOU — because I sure believe in the callings of your innermost being, those dreams planted uniquely inside of your heart, those invitations of your wiser and braver self, the inner voice of love that reminds you of who you really are and what matters most, and the beckoning within us all to contribute to something greater than us — as much as anything in the world!



Mirror Neurons and What They Mean for Joy

It’s been a deliciously full couple of months, with travelling, teaching, spending lots of time with my treasured clients, retreating with friends and family, and much, much more (including, of course, the election, which I responded to on my personal FB page here: bit.ly/electionlove One of the events I was so fortunate to recently attend is a workshop with Dr. Marco Iacoboni, one of the foremost researchers of mirror neurons. I have been mesmerized by mirror neurons and all the potential implications of them and loved getting to meet him! Dr. Iacoboni’s research shows how the energy we put out in social interactions (with our loved ones, our colleagues, the person at the grocery checkout, our mail carrier, strangers on the street, and beyond), more often than not, is truly reflected back inside of them. Then, not only does it impact them, it ripples from them back to us! We all affect each other SO much. And the more love, care, appreciation, and kindness we put out, the more upward spirals of love, appreciation, kindness, care, teamwork, hope, possibility, and joy show up around and inside of us! And the same rippling impact is true for things like hatred, anger, and fear. Our emotions and energy are contagious. This in *no* way means suppressing or denying our healthy, valid, and completely natural feelings of sadness, fear, anger or anything else. But it’s about focusing on and expressing those feelings only as long as and in ways that serve us, free us,…