“What can I GIVE” vs “What Can I GET?”

Whenever I think “what can I GET?” (from an interaction, experience, relationship, etc.) it is nowhere near the joy I feel when I shift back into my favorite place to be: πŸ’– “what can I GIVE?” πŸ’– Having a service-orientation towards life opens up pathways to love, connection, and joy otherwise unavailable to us. It is here that we remember who we really are and why we’re all really here. βœ¨πŸ™πŸŒŸ Thank you for all you give and do to make this world a kinder place to be! πŸ€— XO

Mirror Neurons and What They Mean for Joy

It’s been a deliciously full couple of months, with travelling, teaching, spending lots of time with my treasured clients, retreating with friends and family, and much, much more (including, of course, the election, which I responded to on my personal FB page here:Β bit.ly/electionlove One of the events I was so fortunate to recently attend is a workshop with Dr. Marco Iacoboni, one of the foremost researchers of mirror neurons. I have been mesmerized by mirror neurons and all the potential implications of them and loved getting to meet him! Dr. Iacoboni’s research shows how the energy we put out in social interactions (with our loved ones, our colleagues, the person at the grocery checkout, our mail carrier, strangers on the street, and beyond), more often than not, is truly reflected back inside of them. Then, not only does it impact them, it ripples from them back to us! We all affect each other SO much. And the more love, care, appreciation, and kindness we put out, the more upward spirals of love, appreciation, kindness, care, teamwork, hope, possibility, and joy show up around and inside of us! And the same rippling impact is true for things like hatred, anger, and fear. Our emotions and energy are contagious. This in *no* way means suppressing or denying our healthy, valid, and completely natural feelings of sadness, fear, anger or anything else. But it’s about focusing on and expressing those feelings only as long as and in ways that serve us, free us,…