What Your Fear is Really Telling You

Fear is such an amazing part of our lives! 🙂 Here are some of the many things I love continually exploring and re-exploring in my own life and with my wonderful clients when it specifically comes to those personal fears in our hearts and minds that hold us back in any area of our lives: – Fears are so often (and so easily!) mistaken for red lights when, instead, they are usually GREEN lights showing us exactly where to go and GROW. – When we turn to face our fears and lean into them, they often disappear and, before we know it, become an area of ease within our newly expanded comfort zone (just think of the things that used to seem scary that are easy peasy now!). – Oftentimes, doing the very thing that scares us is the most powerful (and perhaps the only) way to truly transform the fear. – If we don’t face our fears… (1) they typically don’t go away on their own, (2) they can become paralyzing, (3) we become stuck in life, (4) they can leak out all over the place in other areas, (5) our world shrinks to fit the confines of our fears, (6) we clog our “spiritual pipes,” our intuition, and our calling, (7) and we disconnect from our true selves and what we came here to give, experience, receive, and SHINE! – If we aren’t experiencing some of these kinds of fears semi-regularly, it probably means we are staying a…

Don’t Wait For Anyone Else – Be Courageous With your Love and Kindness

​A smile too cute to possibly keep to myself​!​ The world is sooo much more beautiful when we don’t wait for someone else to smile at us before we smile at them, when we don’t wait for someone else to show kindness, generosity, grace, and love to us before we show those things to them. Let’s freely share our hearts (and smiles!) — it’s what (re)connects us to who we really are, individually and together! Wonderboy definitely endorses and models this way of living! 😉 Thank you so much to all of you who do the same and LEAD with love in your everyday interactions! ​ “A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” William Arthur Ward Warmest smiles from Wonderboy (and me!) to YOU! 🙂 #rescuedogs #contagiouskindness #leadwithlove #smiles #thelovepack #joychoice #joypotential