Awakening Your Joy Potential

Love + Gratitude for Our Joy Potential Weekend

So grateful to have spent a magnificent weekend with this amazing group of humans committed to accessing their Joy Potential ~ for the greater good of ALL! ❤

Thank you all so much for being powerful GENERATORS of positive energy,  BEACONS of kindness, caring, and love, MODELS of what’s possible,  and REASONS for hope for our world! 

“As one of the seven billion human beings, I believe everyone has the responsibility to develop a happier world. We must pay more attention to our inner values. We must look INSIDE.” 
– Dalai Lama

Thank you for sharing your exquisitely authentic lights and accessing the wellspring of joy and love within you. As you do, I have no doubt you are helping others recognize and tap into their own!

 And a happier planet is surely a kinder and more generous, peaceful, and connected one 

“Because you are alive, everything is possible.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh 

Rather Than Just Fix What’s Wrong, Build What’s Strong

So grateful for the monthly Buffalo Sisters Gift Circle that has been gathering at our home for 8+ years, for heart-centered connections, for spaces to come together to encourage, nurture, uplift, support, understand, and inspire one another, for opportunities to feel the incredible strength that comes from togetherness, for cultivating connection, for places to drop in and really see and hear one another, for the healing that is possible in safe and loving spaces, and for shared intentions to focus our energy on recognizing, appreciating, and growing the unique gifts within us all — for the greater good of all! <3 Last night’s circle also included all sorts of confetti I brought back from Peru that is traditionally used to make sacred offerings to Pachamama (Mother Earth) in celebration of the gift of life. When we travelled there last month, so many streets were lined with this sacred confetti and, when women left here last night, so were all of us, and so was our homesweethome! 😉 In Positive Psychology, research shows that the greatest changes happen when we don’t simply focus on fixing what’s WRONG but, instead, make sure we also spend an abundance of time and energy on growing what’s STRONG. We all offered up this confetti last night in recognition of those beautiful aspects of ourselves and our world we want to keep growing! I also intentionally handed out star stickers to everyone last night. It might seem silly (though I am all for the vital importance…

Being ALIVE is the Special Occasion

I have this wonderful roll-on glitter, and I used to just pull it out for special occasions.

One day I just left it on the window sill and didn’t put it away — for no particular reason.

Now, I see it everyday when I’m getting ready for the day. And, suddenly, it’s brought the question into my awareness, day after day: “is today a special occasion?”

And to that question, my heart instantly replies with a YES! Today is yet another special occasion!!!!

So, the glitter gets rolled on just about every day anymore! 🙂

And everyday really is a special occasion, BEING ALIVE IS THE SPECIAL OCCASION –and it is filled with opportunities to show up and make moments sparkle with love, kindness, and joy!

When you feel misunderstood, unappreciated, and all alone, remember this…

No matter what you are feeling or going through right now, know that there are other humans on the planet, if you were to tell them and if they had the courage to respond, who would look at you and say… “Ohmygollygoshgeegoodness! (or some variation of that 😉 ) I know EXACTLY how you feel. I know just what you mean. Me too.” It’s the best feeling when we find these people and we get to have these conversations. But, just know, even when you haven’t had them about whatever it is you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing, you aren’t alone. Even when it looks like nobody around you gets it, there are people who would totally get it. And it would be the best feeling for THEM too. One of the great blessings of getting to do the work I do is that I have the tremendous privilege and honor of people sharing their most exquisitely vulnerable, authentic selves with me. And after doing this work long enough, I feel like I can say the above with such conviction. Even when you LONG to feel seen, really seen, and aren’t. Even when you hunger for someone to GET IT, and it feels like nobody quite does. Rest assured, on some greater, cosmic, interconnected level, in this very moment, you are seen. You are heard. You are connected to all those others (probably thousands of them right this very second) who could nearly complete your sentences they get it so…

Who are you giving the authority over your own happiness?

I hold my pencil funny. For years, and with the best of intentions, my precious dad kept urging and instructing me to hold it the “right” way. I think I even got stickers as a reward when I did. 😉 As a little girl, I would look at him puzzled… “But WHY?” I simply didn’t get it. This worked for ME. I could still write endless pages of the creative stories I so loved to write and do everything else I possibly could — whether I held my pencil in the way he was certain was best or in the way that felt good and natural to me. And I certainly wasn’t doing anyone any harm. (Well, unintentionally, maybe my dad!) It just didn’t make sense. And I’m SO glad it didn’t. Sorry, Dad, I know you tried 😀 As adults, it’s a whole lot bigger than how he hold our pencil. It’s the careers, friends, and partners we choose, the clothes we wear, the ways we decorate our homes, and the cars we drive. It’s how we raise our own kids. It’s what we eat. It’s the places we spend our time. It’s the way we express ourselves. Or don’t. Who are you letting be the authority of your joy? Whose path are YOU on? The one somebody else decided was “right” for you? Or the one you know is right for you, because your whole being lights up with YES, because the proof is in the joy it…

When Doubt Gets in the Way

What gets in the way of you going towards whatever you feel called in your heart to pursue?


> > Doubt that it’s worth it.

> > Doubt that you are enough.

> > Doubt that it’s possible.

> > Doubt that you have what it takes.

> > Doubt that the Universe will support you.

> > Doubt that it’s too small or too big.

> > Doubt what others will think.

> > Doubt your intuition.

> > Doubt the unknown.

I get it. “Imperfect action” and “make mistakes even faster” have been two of my beloved companion mantras on my own journey to keep me dreaming, moving, creating, loving, serving!

With a heart cheering you on fully, here is a little loving reminder that DOUBT is what destroys more dreams than failure ever will.

Plus, when “failure” and “mistakes” happen, they end up having more wonderfully invaluable insights to teach us about what simply does and doesn’t work than doubt ever will. <3

May YOU believe in YOU — because I sure believe in the callings of your innermost being, those dreams planted uniquely inside of your heart, those invitations of your wiser and braver self, the inner voice of love that reminds you of who you really are and what matters most, and the beckoning within us all to contribute to something greater than us — as much as anything in the world!


Mirror Neurons and What They Mean for Joy

It’s been a deliciously full couple of months, with travelling, teaching, spending lots of time with my treasured clients, retreating with friends and family, and much, much more (including, of course, the election, which I responded to on my personal FB page here: One of the events I was so fortunate to recently attend is a workshop with Dr. Marco Iacoboni, one of the foremost researchers of mirror neurons. I have been mesmerized by mirror neurons and all the potential implications of them and loved getting to meet him! Dr. Iacoboni’s research shows how the energy we put out in social interactions (with our loved ones, our colleagues, the person at the grocery checkout, our mail carrier, strangers on the street, and beyond), more often than not, is truly reflected back inside of them. Then, not only does it impact them, it ripples from them back to us! We all affect each other SO much. And the more love, care, appreciation, and kindness we put out, the more upward spirals of love, appreciation, kindness, care, teamwork, hope, possibility, and joy show up around and inside of us! And the same rippling impact is true for things like hatred, anger, and fear. Our emotions and energy are contagious. This in *no* way means suppressing or denying our healthy, valid, and completely natural feelings of sadness, fear, anger or anything else. But it’s about focusing on and expressing those feelings only as long as and in ways that serve us, free us,…

Wherever There is Joy, There is Gratitude

I am so deeply grateful for gratitude.  Is there anything more powerful when it comes to having the ability to shift us, in an instant, out of criticism, blame, fear, boredom, lack, and disconnection — in our lives, our relationships, our workplaces, our communities — and back into our hearts, into connection, into abundance, and into love? Gratitude is what allows me to scan the day at its end to fully receive all of the blessings of so many moments I would have otherwise missed. It’s what allows me to fall in love with my husband, my family, my friends, and with life, over and over again. Combined with love, it’s what opens my heart and connects it to yours. It’s what allows me to see and value the gifts inside of everyone. It’s what allows me to live with wonder and serve with reverence. It’s what literally multiplies blessings. It’s where the magic is. Wherever there is joy, there is gratitude. Gratitude is not about being in denial. It’s not an either/or. In fact, it’s about *not* being in denial of all there is to appreciate. Because of our fear-based survival instincts, we humans are hard-wired to scan our environment and one another for threats. And we are hard-wired to scan ourselves for weaknesses. While this might work for our survival, it stops there, and it limits our individual and collective potential. Through gratitude, we can literally rewire our brains — towards love and connection, kindness and service, togetherness…

Do you see things as they are or WORSE than they are?

It’s so important to see things as they are, but most people see things in their lives (and see themselves) as so much WORSE than they actually are.

I am all about getting honest and real with ourselves and each other. I am all about feeling ALL our beautiful feelings. And, for me, the REALITY is that there is also always choice, always a gift, always creative solutions (and, yes, sometimes we need to get *really* creative), always a way to turn pain into purpose, always some sparkle of goodness, always a way to make meaning and miracles out of the seeming mess.

And. This. Is. Amazing.

We humans have SUPERPOWERS in this!

If we over-focus our energy on how challenging it is, we miss out on how good it ALSO is and how GREAT it CAN BE!

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Why Joy in the Workplace Matters

Why the fuzzy rainbow caterpillar?! 😀 First of all, thanks SO much to the Boys and Girls Club for inviting me to come lead a staff training today on “Cultivating Joy in the Workplace and Beyond.” I had a blast with their delightful team and so celebrate and honor them for valuing the importance of creating a positive environment to do the amazing service they do in our community! <3 Secondly, here are some RESEARCH TIDBITS about the power of joy in the workplace… Psychologists Sonja Lyubomirsky, Laura King, and Ed Diener discovered that the relationship between happiness and success is reciprocal: not only can success contribute to happiness but happiness itself leads to more success and the ability to thrive at work. Also, in 2004, Gallup conducted a worldwide research project, surveying more than four million employees about the importance of praise, appreciation, recognition, and feeling positively valued and supported as employees. Gallup concluded that employees who receive regular praise are more productive, more engaged, and more likely to stay with their organization than those who do not. The survey results also indicated that employees who are positively supported and appreciated are more loyal to the organization, more productive, happier, create more satisfied and loyal customers, are better team players, and have less sick days than employees who are not. <3 Cheers to that! <3 Thirdly, here’s a QUICK TIP + WHY THE RAINBOW CATERPILLAR! Here is one easy tip to cultivate a more positive workplace wherever you are!…