Focusing on the Already Haves

It was so much fun visiting Louisville, KY this past weekend with my sweet love! ♥️ We had passed through dozens of times on other road trips but never stayed to EXPLORE. ✨ There were so many moments when we both paused — just to SAVOR — to really take in the beauty of a moment and to let the gifts of it SINK IN. Whenever I do this, my heart swells — and I also become so aware of how I truly would have missed a large percentage of whatever it was if I had NOT done this. It’s not that we didn’t talk about the future (we’re always dreaming and scheming!), but we spent most of our time pointing out to each other the wonderment around us and in our lives, no matter how small. In the busyness and delicious fullness of life, it’s so easy for us precious humans to: 🌼 Not be fully present 🌼 Focus on what needs fixing, correcting, or our attention — rather than on what IS working 🌼 Focus more on the to-do’s than the already-have’s I’ve been doing this savoring practice for many years now, but it truly is a daily practice. And spending a whole weekend away that was devoted to RELISHING in moments and to appreciating and celebrating what ALREADY IS filled my heart! ♥️ How can you spend more time this week appreciating the already-haves, rather than your mind jumping right over them and straight to the have-to-dos?!…

Awakening Your Joy Potential

Love + Gratitude for Our Joy Potential Weekend

So grateful to have spent a magnificent weekend with this amazing group of humans committed to accessing their Joy Potential ~ for the greater good of ALL! ❤ Thank you all so much for being powerful GENERATORS of positive energy,  BEACONS of kindness, caring, and love, MODELS of what’s possible,  and REASONS for hope for our world!  “As one of the seven billion human beings, I believe everyone has the responsibility to develop a happier world. We must pay more attention to our inner values. We must look INSIDE.”  – Dalai Lama Thank you for sharing your exquisitely authentic lights and accessing the wellspring of joy and love within you. As you do, I have no doubt you are helping others recognize and tap into their own!  And a happier planet is surely a kinder and more generous, peaceful, and connected one  “Because you are alive, everything is possible.” – Thich Nhat Hanh 

Abundance is A Mindset

Don’t forget to eat your “weeds!” 🙂 Did you know that dandelion greens are full of calcium, iron, antioxidants, minerals, and so much more and are wonderful for detoxifying and cleansing the liver and body! Springtime is the best time for them, but be sure to only pick them from areas that have not been sprayed with any pesticides or fertilizers. Dear Life, May I be aware enough every single day to see all of the abundant gifts you offer all around us, all the time! Endless Love and Gratitude, Christine  Enjoy the nutritious feast right in front of you! Dandelion smoothie coming right up over here! 🙂

Mirror Neurons and What They Mean for Joy

It’s been a deliciously full couple of months, with travelling, teaching, spending lots of time with my treasured clients, retreating with friends and family, and much, much more (including, of course, the election, which I responded to on my personal FB page here: One of the events I was so fortunate to recently attend is a workshop with Dr. Marco Iacoboni, one of the foremost researchers of mirror neurons. I have been mesmerized by mirror neurons and all the potential implications of them and loved getting to meet him! Dr. Iacoboni’s research shows how the energy we put out in social interactions (with our loved ones, our colleagues, the person at the grocery checkout, our mail carrier, strangers on the street, and beyond), more often than not, is truly reflected back inside of them. Then, not only does it impact them, it ripples from them back to us! We all affect each other SO much. And the more love, care, appreciation, and kindness we put out, the more upward spirals of love, appreciation, kindness, care, teamwork, hope, possibility, and joy show up around and inside of us! And the same rippling impact is true for things like hatred, anger, and fear. Our emotions and energy are contagious. This in *no* way means suppressing or denying our healthy, valid, and completely natural feelings of sadness, fear, anger or anything else. But it’s about focusing on and expressing those feelings only as long as and in ways that serve us, free us,…

Wherever There is Joy, There is Gratitude

I am so deeply grateful for gratitude.  Is there anything more powerful when it comes to having the ability to shift us, in an instant, out of criticism, blame, fear, boredom, lack, and disconnection — in our lives, our relationships, our workplaces, our communities — and back into our hearts, into connection, into abundance, and into love? Gratitude is what allows me to scan the day at its end to fully receive all of the blessings of so many moments I would have otherwise missed. It’s what allows me to fall in love with my husband, my family, my friends, and with life, over and over again. Combined with love, it’s what opens my heart and connects it to yours. It’s what allows me to see and value the gifts inside of everyone. It’s what allows me to live with wonder and serve with reverence. It’s what literally multiplies blessings. It’s where the magic is. Wherever there is joy, there is gratitude. Gratitude is not about being in denial. It’s not an either/or. In fact, it’s about *not* being in denial of all there is to appreciate. Because of our fear-based survival instincts, we humans are hard-wired to scan our environment and one another for threats. And we are hard-wired to scan ourselves for weaknesses. While this might work for our survival, it stops there, and it limits our individual and collective potential. Through gratitude, we can literally rewire our brains — towards love and connection, kindness and service, togetherness…