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6 Simple Steps to Feel More Joy Now

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6 Simple Steps to
Feel More Joy Now

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8 Weeks to Unleash Your Joy Potential

an online course to fall in love with life again

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for 8 Weeks to Unleash Your Joy Potential

Can you relate?

  • tired womanAre you tired when you wake up and dread your day before it even starts and then go to bed exhausted but unfulfilled?
  • Do you feel disconnected from the person you once knew and wonder where your joy went and how to get it back?
  • Do you sometimes not like the person you’ve become?
  • Do you have lots of things to be grateful for and yet still don’t feel joy (and even feel guilty for or confused by it)?
  • Do others see you as a happy person, but, deep down, it doesn’t feel that way?
  • Does it feel like work to stay positive and “try and see the bright side?”
  • stressed momDoes joy seem fleeting, rather than always available?
  • Have you experienced some life challenges you’ve never fully bounced back from?
  • Has your life become so focused on making others happy that you’ve become depleted when it comes to your own?
  • Do you quiet your joy to make others feel more comfortable or because it feels selfish?
  • Do you hold back your joy to protect yourself from feeling disappointed?
  • Are you tired of feeling constantly stressed and overwhelmed?
  • Do you know what you “should” be doing to feel more joy but are stuck in self-sabotaging patterns that hold you back?
  • Can you be really hard on yourself and get in your own way?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your purpose and passion?
  • stressed manDo you sense something’s missing and there must be more to life?
  • Do you keep postponing joy, saying it can wait until after you get one more thing done – and then joy never comes?
  • And are you HUNGRY to feel more inspired, motivated, and joyously alive?!!!

If any of this rings true, join us for 8 amazing weeks
from the comfort of your home…


Week 1

Entering the Land of Joyful Possibilities

  • joyful possibilitiesBetter understand what this elusive thing we call “joy” really is, where it comes from, why it matters, and how to begin generating it from within.
  • Reveal the conscious and unconscious barriers getting in your way.
  • Begin creating new beliefs and behaviors that perpetuate joy.
  • Learn how to always see possibilities for joy.
  • Powerfully commit to unleashing joy in every area of your life.
  • Learn how to make the most of this course.

Week 2

Turning Messes Into Miracles:  Unleashing Joy in Every Challenge

  • Blue Magic butterfly over waterActively turn pain into purpose and losses into love.
  • Learn what to do the moment something doesn’t go as planned.
  • Embrace all of your feelings in ways that, ultimately, lead to joy.
  • Discover the art of asking powerful new questions that elicit joyful answers.
  • Practice the Joyful Forgiveness Process to free yourself at last.
  • Learn the formula that opens up creative solutions to everything!

Week 3

Rewiring Your Mind For Joy

  • happy brainYour mind is always eavesdropping on your thoughts. Learn to think in ways that most effectively wire in joy.
  • What we seek, we find. Discover how to find joy wherever you go.
  • Reorient yourself towards optimism and hope.
  • Learn the two most effective ways to build your joy muscles.
  • Practice using new words that delight and enliven you and change how experiences are stored in your brain.
  • Learn “The Magic And” that changes everything!

Week 4

Falling in Love with YOU:  the Joy of Self Love

  • self loveGet to the root of your addiction to unhappiness and self-sabotage.
  • Become the most wonderful joy-boosting friend to the one person with whom you will spend every second of the rest of your life.
  • Discover the fastest way to liberate yourself from guilt, self-doubt, and shame.
  • Learn new ways to embrace the perfection of imperfection.
  • Nourish your body with the best joy-boosting foods on the planet.
  • Learn specific ways to move and care for your body to release an avalanche of happy hormones.
  • Learn powerful self-care practices that instantly reconnect you to your joyful heart.

Week 5

Creating Joyful Relationships that Uplift You

  • laughing friendsLearn how to avoid the very things that are robbing you of joy in your relationships.
  • Learn the jealousy-proof way to feel genuine joy for others.
  • Learn tools for protecting yourself from the negativity of others.
  • Discover the most joy-boosting ways of seeing, hearing, and relating to everyone you know.
  • Become a joyful beacon who others are magnetically drawn to.

Week 6

Discovering Your Joyful Purpose

  • Loving the lifeReconnect to your essence, purpose, and passions.
  • Deepen your sense of meaning.
  • Practice taking joyful risks that empower you.
  • Discover your greatest strengths and how to lead your life with them.
  • Learn how to best listen to your heart and why it’s vital to living your joyful purpose.
  • Turn the work you already do into a much more pleasurable and fulfilling experience.

Week 7

Creating and Spreading Joy Wherever You Go

  • shutterstock_33631261Learn what to do each morning to set you up for joy all day.
  • Discover the 2 fastest ways to make an ordinary day extraordinary.
  • Reignite the power of play in ways neuroscience proves will work.
  • Unleash your laughter superpowers!
  • Learn how to be happy for no reason at all.
  • Remember how good kindness and generosity feel when offered in three specific ways.
  • Learn the power of celebration and how to create it regularly.
  • Become the embodiment of joy who can light up a room anywhere you are.

Week 8

Your Joyful Future

  • red poppy field in morning mistRealign your life with what you value most and brings the greatest joy.
  • Learn the power of celebration and how to create it regularly.
  • Make powerful joy commitments that help you integrate everything you’ve learned and catapult you forward and upward.
  • Create new joy rituals that set you up for optimal.
  • Break through your glass ceilings and expand your capacity for evermore joy.
  • Learn to trust the abundance of the Universe, and open up to accessing the ongoing support and higher guidance always available to you.
  • “I am BLOWN AWAY! You are truly gifted in your ability to connect people to inspire & to facilitate a sacred space that encourages inner work & contemplation. THANK YOU! I was inspired by it all! Christine is a remarkable person who is able to bridge the gap between wise sage and down-to-earth companion & sister. She sees – truly sees- each participant’s true shining light & individual, exceptional gifts and not only encourages their expressions int he world, but makes that expression seem inevitable and essential. She shows us how JOY is our natural birthright, infinitely available, and part of our own unique contribution to a peaceful world. I can’t recommend this workshop more!”
    Andrea Golden
  • “Christine’s light-hearted, high vibration approach to self-development was just the medicine I needed to mend my broken heart and put me back on track with my life.”
    Jai Maa
  • “You exceeded all my expectations! I loved how Christine was so real, refreshingly self-effacing at times, and had really done her research to express important ideas in a way that spoke to me, providing clarity, affirmation and new ways to look at the world. Thank you! I’m so grateful for this experience. :)”
    Victor Bongard
  • ” I give it a 10! Christine, this work is SO important! You literally have changed the way I was going to deal with this panic/anxiety! Our world needs you!”
    Anastacia Corbit-Clarkson
  • “Christine’s love, compassion and reverence for everyone leaves me in AWE! Her joy is so incredibly powerful AND contagious…I am always uplifted in her presence. Joy Potential was such a magical experience! Christine’s teachings weave the science and psychology of happiness and joy as she shares easy and practical ways to boost AND sustain our joy levels. So grateful for you, Christine…you are a treasure! ❤”
    Beth Ashby
  • “One of my all time favorite weekends…”
    Jody Rasp
  • “Thank you for sharing such tremendous passion and gifts of joy ❤”
    John Dustin
  • “This was a transforming experience and confidence builder in finding the true me.”
    Linda Blasko
  • “I’m amazed, inspired, and in total awe! Beyond expectations!
    Christine is a ball of joy! I have full confidence that she’ll take me to a happy place.”
    Maram Eleleimy
  • “This experience was informative, affirmative, transformative, and inspiring!”
    Spencer McNelly
  • “This course cleared the clutter that allowed me to surrender to my true soul purpose!”
    Aleah Hupp
  • “SOOOOO much love and laughter! Such a rejuvenating experience. I am so thankful for you and all of these beautiful souls.”
    Amber Chastain
  • “This weekend has allowed me to come into a space which I didn’t know existed. Your classes are perfect.”
    Nikki Richardson
  • “More than I could have anticipated or imagined.”
    Chera Beth
    Chera Beth Finkbiner
  • “I now believe I am beautiful and powerful, and I used to never be able to accept this or believe this. I had an epiphany!”
    Emilee Trudo
  • “I cannot share enough the joy that we received over the weekend. This has been a life-altering experience. Even my marriage has grown. Thank you!”
    Britta York
  • “Thank you for the most incredible weekend of healing and love! I have been in desperate need of a shift, and this certainly did the trick. Being in the supporting, loving environment I was able to push my insecurities aside and focus on my power and purpose – and that was such a gift. I am so looking forward to practicing Reiki on myself and others, it is a remarkable tool to have in my ever-growing toolbox. I feel more aligned and at peace with myself than I have in years. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
    Allie McHaley
  • “Such a profound experience. I felt safe and loved!”
    Lori Medlen
  • “So much thought, time, and attention went into creating this experience. You can FEEL it!!”
    Joey Eller
  • “Such an amazing weekend!!!! Will never forget! I left feeling open for the first time ever! My inner child made its way back home…”
    Jessica Gordon
  • “Christine and her angels are amazing and so loving!!!”
    Elizabeth Mohler
  • ​”More than I could ever ask for! Christine has the unmatched ability to affirm people for exactly who they are — meets them where they are and helps gently catapult them to greater dimensions of growth. I come home here and I am overflowing with gratitude. Thank you for all your light. Such an incredible weekend! I believe I will be feeling the residual effects of all the yumminess for a long time… Thank you, Christine, for everything thus far and for everything I know is to come.”
    Lauren Daeger
  • ​”​This was so amazing! I cannot express how it felt like I was home​. It’s so hard to put this weekend into words! I’m so happy to have been part of it! Sending love to you Christine​!”​
    Julie Corbin
  • ​”I am truly a changed person. It was such an amazing experience​.”
    Jill Smith
  • “Thank you for helping me eliminate the problems that have been haunting me since I can remember… This experience has changed my life in a way that I’ve been driving myself crazy to try to do. I’m so thankful for being involved…”
    Dakota Schall
  • “Christine was so present, positive, and accepting at a time when I needed exactly that.”
    Elizabeth Bettin
  • “Christine is an ahhhmazing shining light in the world, and she’s gifting us all with that light and empowering us to give our own gifts in the world!”
    Machai St. Rain
  • “Thank you from the depths of my soul. I’ve never met anyone who made me feel so loved and special aside from you. I truly hope I get to spend so much more time with you and have the opportunity to learn from your immense love and knowledge!”
    Maddie Bertl
  • “Best weekend of my life.”
    Lorene Courtney
  • ​”I​t was a beautiful and amazing weekend. I met the most loving and gracious new friends.​ ​My heart is full of gratitude to be connected with all of you. Thank you Christine for all your love and care over the weekend.​”​
    Danuta Davis
    Danuta Davis
  • “What an incredible and joyful leader you are, Christine! The love we tapped into will stay with me for years to come. Thank you all for the most amazing journey!​”
    Natalia Schau
  • “The workshop was a truly healing and inspiring experience! I experienced several emotional breakthroughs and have increased my joy and personal freedom as a result.”
    Ashley Becker
    Ashley Becker
  • “Christine is an expert, a master, a teacher, an inspiration…she is joy and she will ignite the experience of your life.”
    Richard Valdez
  • “I have taken the first step on the most important journey of my life. Ancient wisdom for healing of self, others, and the world. Connect with power and beauty by an inspired and gifted teacher.”
    Barbara Carlson
  • “Most loving weekend! Affirming the best in all of us. Renewal at the highest level.”
    Beth Piekarsky
    Beth Piekarsky
  • “I never stop being amazed and Wow’ed by you, Christine. Your light is so pure and luminous and I feel spontaneous healing that happens effortlessly and I am reminded to stop trying so hard and let my intuition and Divine guidance take the driver’s seat. Thank you for your boundless love and light! I love you!!!”
    Yulia Azriel
  • “You are a joy angel!”
    Sara Malik
  • “On a scale of 1-10, how was your experience? 100 million 🙂  You have helped awaken my joy inside. To remind me of who I really am and reset myself back into happiness. Thank you for this blessing! You are very gifted and such a beautiful light helping so many people.”
    Angie Miller
  • “Such an amazing journey and path of growth!”
    Sarai De La Torre
  • “I have so much love and gratitude abundantly overflowing which I can offer myself as well. You are a glimmer of light and love! Thank you for this experience!”
    Quinndalyn Laird
  • “Blissful, loving, safe, instructional, amazing experience! … Thank you, lovely, radiant, beautiful, magical mentor!”
    Sharon Pollock
    Sharon Pollock
  • “Thank you for seeing me and helping me to finally see myself.”
    Blythe Angle
  • “I feel completely confident and so empowered to start my Reiki journey!”
    Sydney Spencer
    Sydney Spencer
  • “I am extremely happy to be able to attend these classes. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience!”
    Nick Perel
  • “I cannot begin to explain what Reiki 1 and 2 did for me. My ankle was physically healed, and I released years worth of emotional baggage, brought peace, hope, self-forgiveness, and self-love into my soul and left feeling almost completely free of all that bondage, full of peace and joy, and literally walking taller and with a sense of confidence and a vision of a brighter future.”
    Tawanda Monnett
    Tawanda Monnett
  • “Christine is wonderfully full of love and energy!”
    Aparna Neelakandon
  • “What a blessing you are to our community and to the world and to ME! This workshop was the beautiful blessing I needed to give myself permission to fully let go of the negative voices I have heard from others and truly accept who I TRULY AM! And to live fully in my joyful heart! … What a magical experience to carry into the rest of my life and into the world! I feel a closer connection to the Divine and myself and a much deeper sense of humility and connectedness!”
    Maddie Taylor
  • “I wanted to send you a quick note to just say how much your Joy Retreat changed my life and still does. It will be 5 years in May when I attended this retreat and I can honestly say I never expected to walk out with the tools, inspiration and everlasting friendships. I learned to open my eyes to myself and truly love and honor who I am. To be surrounded by so much love, joy and inspiration in that room was the most uplifting moment of my life.
    I would like you to know I reference your work and techniques often with my co-workers. It brings everyone out of their comfort zone and allows us to work better as a team and create a more fun and positive work environment.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Christine!!! You are a gift of so much joy!
    Much love from Boston,”
    Danyel Verity
  • “It was great in so many ways! Loved it! I am so honored and in awe of you, your work, and your knowledge!”
    Christy Dustin
  • “Fate sent me here, and Christine gave me my life back! Forever grateful!”
    Melissa Gibson
  • “Christine, you embody the joy you describe — it makes it easy to believe what you are sharing, even though I came in with skepticism. I really have skills and practice to apply to bring more joy.”
    Sarah Blankenbaker
  • “I am so thankful for this opportunity to grow in my trust, connection, confidence, and strength. I am so grateful for Reiki and its endless, boundless teachings.”
    Lexi Hall
    Lexi Hall
  • “Great workshop to let the joy that’s our true nature really emerge!”
    Andreas Weinrich
  • “Taught the way it should be! With passion and inspiration!”
    Sharon Fairbairn​
  • “Christine creates such a warm, loving, safe environment. You truly are a light in this world. Thank you for creating and connecting us all!”
    April Brancamp
    April Brancamp
  • “I walked into this weekend not quite sure that the world was a good place anymore. I leave here knowing that beings of infinite love are doing their part. Blessings be!”
    Tracine Saulters
    Tracine Saulters
  • “Reiki 3 opened up parts of me I never knew existed. I can’t wait to see what I do in the world now!”
    Danielle Nolan
    Danielle Wolter Nolan
  • “I’ve felt like something has been ‘off’ and missing for awhile and have discovered that it was ME… I have come home to my true, authentic, JOYFUL, intuitive self! I have appreciated and LOVED the guidance on this journey by Christine… I feel connected to my true self and the power to pursue my joyful life wholeheartedly!””
    Jeigh Hockersmith
  • “…brought me to a complete circle of love for myself and trust in myself and lifted the guilt and feelings I and others have put on me!”
    Lisa Yates
    Lisa Yates
  • “Christine is the living embodiment of joy and love. Just being in her presence is healing, so a whole weekend is just bliss!”
    Cassie Secrease
    Cassie Secrease
  • “Christine, your energy is inspiring! You are a beautiful being of light!”
    Lisa Reed
  • “The most important life-changing decision I have ever made. Christine is a gift to the world.”
    Katelin Vesely
  • “I feel this has been my lifelong calling and I am forever indebted to the beautiful and amazing Christine. She changed my life!”
    Daphne Watts
  • “Christine is extremely gifted at creating beautiful, heart-opening, and nurturing experiences. I had many deep, meaningful, and healing moments at Reiki 1 and 2. What a WONDERFUL event. I highly recommend! Thank you, Christine, for being a wonderful role model!”
    Kim Hahn
  • “Thank you for being you! And for encouraging growth and acceptance and LOVE. You’re an angel!”
    Madison Mellencamp
  • “Thank you so incredibly much for the incredibly inspiring, transformational weekend. My eyes have been opened to things I’ve always known deep in my heart. I can’t tell you enough how meaningful this journey is to me. When I found your website on the drive home from the mountains a few months ago, I didn’t realize what was to come. You are an incredible, inspiring woman…”
    Rachel Siddons
  • “I before went through Reiki with someone else. After this 1 and 2 with you, I feel like I was on the AM late night station. Now I am a STRONG FM Reiki station!”
    Vanessa Walker
  • “I never though that such a world would open up. I expected Reiki to be another modality and didn’t realize that it would be not only a skill, but a gift presented that changed my life profoundly….an entire way of life that I have embraced. It has been a mind, body, soul connection that I had given up on having a long time ago. Blessed be!! Thank you, Christine and to the powers that be that led me to you and the angels.
    Julia Horn
  • “I was enveloped in such a deep peace and bountiful energy. Your gifts and generosity continue to humble and inspire me. What a perfect weekend!”
    Donna Macri Stevens
  • “The most blessed event to enlighten the heart and soul!”
    Lucinda Brown
  • “I feel emboldened with love and awesome colorful Reiki ability for healing.”
    Grace MacNeil
  • “An inspirational and magical weekend! What an honor and blessing!”
    Heather Kinderthain
  • “I am so thankful for a safe place to learn about the limitless possibilities I have inside of me! I feel so free!”
    Lili Westphal
  • “I have traveled the world, experienced a lot, and learned a lot, but nothing compares to what I learned about myself during these 2 days in Bloomington… You are simply amazing. I was so privileged to be considered a part of your village. I came this weekend with an open heart and open mind feeling like a young boy on Christmas morning excited about the gifts I was about to receive. What amazing gifts I received, confidence, wisdom, and myself… I found a new limitless potential for joy!”
    Tom Wappes
  • “Christine’s spirit is contagious. Her teaching methods inspire authentic creative power. I left feeling overwhelmed with positive love & full of life changing tools.”
    Darcie Lowe
  • “Christine, you are a beautiful and buoyant vessel and the ripples from all you do are TRULY INFINITE… Thank you for being such a light and continually raising Earth’s and my vibrations!!!! Love you!!”
    Leah Rose Hagen
  • “Christine has an enormous gift for awakening joy in the people who come in contact with her.”
    Ben Smith
  • “Christine is a powerhouse of joy, love, and exuberance. Any opportunity to take one of her workshops is a chance to get inspired, grow, and discover your amazing gifts!”
    David Kirshbaum
  • “Christine is a phenomenal, masterful, extraordinary leader — top notch at facilitating deep work and transformation. I expected the world and got so much more! It impacted me more deeply than I could ever have imagined.”
    Julie James
  • “This was such a lovely, generous experience that was so life affirming and empowering. Thank you!”
    Cindy Smith
  • “The way you facilitate our interactions and sharing is exquisite.”
    Andy Arnold
  • “Thank you! You are a wonderful, beautiful, genuine, and honest soul. That workshop was so great… I feel changed, transformed, like a new door has opened for me in more ways than one… THANKS!”
    Kim Kanney
  • “Such an uplifting, enlightening experience.”
    Darla Foley
  • “Christine is an amazing instructor and a true inspiration.”
    Carole Evans
  • “I now feel closer to myself, the Universe, and all of humanity!”
    Brad Baskerville
  • “Christine, you are an amazing person, a beautiful soul, spreading happiness all around.”
    Shagun Mehndiratta
  • “Joyful, enlightening teaching grounded by depth of knowledge and attention to detail. A truly magical experience!”
    Gay Lawson
  • “These workshops have changed my life.”
    Mary Bowles
  • “This was REAL, HONEST, and AMAZING!”
    Martie Adler
  • “An absolutely awesome experience!”
    Cheryl Gucinski
  • “Christine is such a positive and GREAT soul!”
    Lovely Singh
  • “Christine is a blast! She’s a fun, engaging, and vibrant teacher who is truly committed to student learning. She really puts her heart and soul into this work.”
    Jennifer Weiss
    Jennifer Weiss
  • “You are such a gift! The people you attract, information and energy you offer, and all you do is healing the world.”
    Juliana Joie Capshew
  • “The weekend…was amazing. It opened me back up to faith in the power we have to change the world around us. Christine is one of the warmest, most compassionate, welcoming, encouraging souls I have ever had the privilege to meet. It was a joy and and honor to learn from her… I am eternally grateful for the gifts I received during that weekend. I have back the joyful spirit that had been hidden away for months.”
    Erin Mahon
  • “Christine’s workshops are one step forward towards connection with all humans. She has an open heart for everyone.”
    Maritza Alvarez
  • “Christine is an amazing and inspirational teacher!”
    Kelly Opelt-Andrews
  • “The workshop was phenomenal!”
    Heather Perry
  • “This workshop opened me up to things I only thought I knew the meaning and potential of. There are bountiful experiences and joy awaiting me in every moment!”
    Colleen McCracken
  • “Christine is an amazing and knowledgeable leader. It seems she can direct the knowledge right into the core of your being.”
    Kate Smith
  • “I was blessed to attend Christine’s Joy workshop this past weekend! WOWZER! It shifted me into a lighter place and gave me tools that I have been using to keep me there!”
    Jana Anna
    Jana Anna
  • “Christine embodies what she teaches. She is a joy to be around and brings a loving, joyous energy into her lessons. The entire weekend I was smiling and energized and carried all of that joy home with me!”
    Marcia Benjamin

The Format

Video Training

Watch inspiring weekly training videos.

Interactive Guidebook

Receive a weekly guidebook that covers and expands on all the info in the videos. 

Weekly Joy Practices

Take action with specific joy-boosting practices to create lasting change.

Connect With Your Joy Tribe

Participate in a private online community (optional) to connect with other participants, post updates, give others encouragement, ask questions, and more! I will also share motivational posts throughout the week to help you stay on track. This will be an amazing space for staying joyfully inspired and connected.

Joyful Investment

8 Weeks to Unleash Your Joy Potential eCourse – $147
(+ bring a friend for just $50!)

Awakening Your Joy Potential (live 2-day retreat) – $225 (early bird)

SPECIAL: eCourse and Retreat – $297

Questions? Contact or 812-345-2169.


What’s the difference between the eCourse & weekend experiential?


Unique Benefits of Online Course 

  • Be introduced to concepts more slowly, with greater space for reflection and integration.
  • Take the course at your own pace and from the comfort of home or anywhere else.
  • If you need to miss a week, it’s okay! The material will be available to you for a lifetime.
  • Only requires 2 hours/week, so you can make time, no matter how busy life feels (and you actually free up time and energy with your joy!).

* While the course only requires 2 hours/week, if you have more time, you can go as deep as you’d like and really take your time!


Unique Benefits of Weekend Experiential

  • Delight in incredibly fun, one-of-a-kind, and transformative exercises to get joy into your cells (experiential processes I only share in the weekend immersion).
  • Experience an incomparable energetic high when gathering with others to collectively unleash joy!
  • Sometimes you need to unplug from everyday life and fully immerse yourself in a focused and elevated environment to actually do the work and make the biggest shifts.
  • It’s a BLAST, and we laugh A LOT!

Why take both the eCourse and weekend experiential?

Each program offers unique benefits, and taking BOTH will set you up for optimal success and allow you to maximally understand, integrate, and embody everything you learn!

Of course, just taking the eCourse or the weekend experiential will ignite ripples of positive energy into your life, but we definitely recommend registering for the whole package if you can!

What if I don’t have a friend to join me?

No problem whatsoever! There will be others flying solo as well, and you will meet many new friends. We simply offer this opportunity to bring a friend at a large discount, as we know the joy it brings to grow together and to spread love to others. However, having a friend is in no way required!

What if I am interested in the weekend retreat but am busy that weekend?

I will be offering Awakening Your Joy Potential at least annually, and you will have two tickets (one for you and a friend) that don’t expire for 24 months from the time of purchase. If you can’t attend this one, chances are, future dates will work for you!

How many hours a week does the eCourse take?

In just 2 hours a week, you can complete each week!

Do we stay overnight for the retreat, and are meals included?

The retreat ends at 6:00 on both Saturday and Sunday, giving you the evening to relax, celebrate, and do whatever your heart desires! You will receive a variety of suggestions for places to stay, including on-site, if you don’t live nearby. There is a 90-minute lunch break each day, and you can either pack a lunch to enjoy on-site or enjoy a delicious lunch outing. Snacks and tea will be provided!


for 8 Weeks to Unleash Your Joy Potential

Learn about The Joy Potential Live Retreat

a weekend retreat to create lasting joy in mind, body, heart and spirit!

SPECIAL! Sign up for both the eCourse & retreat!

Register Here for the Special - $397
Plus, a friend comes for just $100!