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6 Simple Steps to Feel More Joy Now

Awakening Your Joy Potential

a weekend retreat to create true and lasting joy from within

January 26-27, 2019 (9:30-6:00 each day)

@ the new Eartheart Institute in Bloomington, IN

*limited to 30 participants

Led by Christine Eartheart,

Founder of Joy Potential

Christine Eartheart

Is Awakening Your Joy Potential for You?

  • Do you feel a bit weighed down by what is happening around you or in the news?
  • Do you sometimes feel disconnected from the person you once were and wonder where your joy went and how to get it back?
  • Is your life dictated by “to-do lists,” rather than fueled by a rush of inspiration?
  • Do you often dread your day before it even starts and go to bed exhausted but unfulfilled?
  • Are you tired of stress and not-enough-time being the theme songs of your life and want to reconnect to the pure JOY of being alive?
  • Do you have lots of things to be grateful for and yet still don’t feel joy?
  • Have you lost touch with your sense of magic?
  • Do you know what you “should” be doing to feel more joy but are stuck in self-sabotaging patterns?
  • Do you hold back your joy to protect yourself from disappointment?
  • Do you sometimes quiet your joy to make others feel more comfortable?
  • Has your life become so focused on making others happy that you’ve become depleted when it comes to your own?
  • Do you sense something’s missing and there must be more to life?
  • Do you keep postponing joy, saying it can wait until after you get one more thing done – and then joy never comes?

    Or are you someone who simply LIGHTS UP when it comes to continually growing into your potential, living your optimal life, and experiencing your greatest capacity for joy, someone who wants to look back at the very end and smile, knowing you have made the absolute most of this incredibly precious gift of life?!

If So, Join Us…

Using techniques based in Positive Psychology, fascinating neuroscience, and everything I’ve been so fortunate to learn from thousands of sessions with clients and creating a truly joyful life, be immersed in a transformative learning environment. You will reignite joy and FEEL it flowing again and will gain an abundance of tools to effectively rewire your brain and reorient your whole being towards experiencing more joy!
Uncover your barriers to joy. Discover why they’re holding you back and how to shift them!
Dive deep into creating joy in every area of your life — with illuminating knowledge, new personal insights, and concrete techniques!
Unplug from stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm and plug into a wellspring of positive and replenishing energy!
Receive a clear, effective, and comprehensive road map to Awakening Your Joy Potential, and take home a guidebook to integrate everything you learn, supporting you as you continually grow!
Delight in connecting with others who are awakening the heart of happiness alongside you.
Leave feeling renewed, reconnected, empowered to replace fleeting happiness with lasting joy, and inspired about life again! The whole weekend is like setting a giant reset button, allowing you to come back home to who you really are, how you want to show up in the world, and to the kind of meaningful life you want to create!

Topics and Agenda

We will explore these exciting topics during two unforgettable days…

  • What is this thing called JOY?
  • The Research and Neuroscience of Positive Psychology
  • Uncovering and Transforming Your Conscious and Unconscious Barriers
  • Embracing New Empowering Beliefs that Propel you Forward and Upward
  • Practices that Rewire Your Brain (so happiness becomes your new normal)
  • Cultivating Inner Resilience from External Stress (how to maintain peace in the midst of chaos)
  • Ways to Instantly Shift Your State
  • Your Addiction to Unhappiness
  • How to Take Control Of Your Body’s Chemicals and Hormones
  • The Correlation Between Food and Mood and How to Eat for Joy
  • Self-Love and Self-Empathy
  • Embracing the Joyous Perfection of Imperfection
  • How to Use Positive Psychology to Address Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma
  • How to Become a Powerful Generator of Positive Energy from Within
  • Cultivating a New Empowering Self-Talk
  • Why Hope and Optimism are Practical, Grounded, and Essential
  • Ending the Cycles of Self-Sabotage
  • Living a Strengths-Based Life
  • The Power of Play and Laughter
  • Embodied Joy (getting joy into your cells!)
  • Opening to the Land of Possibilities
  • How to Start Seeing Creative SOULutions to Everything
  • Minus to Plus Process
  • Making Meaning out of Messes
  • Turning Pain into Purpose
  • Forgiveness and Letting Go to Create More Space for Joy
  • How All Feelings Open Pathways to Joy
  • The Power of Savoring
  • Why Every Thought Matters
  • Why Joy is Much More Than What We Think
  • How to Cultivate a Grateful Heart
  • What to Uniquely Surround Yourself With
  • Creating Joyful Relationships that Bring Out Everyone’s Best
  • The Intrinsic Link Between Kindness, Generosity, and Joy
  • How to Make Happiness a Habit
  • A New Joyful Vision for Your Life
  • (+ LOTS more magic too!)

If you attend the entire weekend and don’t feel more joy than when you arrived, you receive a 100% refund, guaranteed.


Photos from Past Retreats

What Others Have Shared About Past Experiences

IMG_20150911_124236“I love working with Christine – both professionally and personally. She is a one-of-a-kind ray of light in the world and I encourage anyone in search of positive energy, personal growth, or simply guidance to connect with her. I went to her originally in need of resources, but I liked her so much I came back for more! In fact, I like her so much I gift sessions with her to my friends!”

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor
NY Times Bestselling Author and Renowned Neuroanatomist 

About Christine Eartheart

Christine Eartheart, Founder and Facilitator of Awakening Your Joy Potential, has been facilitating healing and transformation with individuals of all ages since 2004, has supported clients in thousands of breakthrough sessions, has taught 70+ workshops, has facilitated hundreds of heart-centered sharing circles, and is in absolute awe of the human capacity for growth, connection, and joy if we have the right tools and support to get there.

Christine has extensively studied the field of Positive Psychology and the neuroscience of happiness and leads workshops for conferences, workplaces, and retreat centers to help people fall in love with life again, create deeply fulfilling and empowering lives, and embody joy like never before. She is Founder and CEO of Joy Potential.

Christine is also Co-Founder of the  Center for Thriving Relationships, along with her wonderful husband and therapist, Bret Eartheart. Together, they love helping couples, families, and communities develop flourishing relationships that bring out the best of everyone involved.

In addition to Joy Potential and the Center for Thriving Relationships, Christine also loves facilitating and teaching emotional healing and energy healing through Heart Spirals, which she has done since 2004.

Christine is authentically joyful, overflows with enthusiasm and passion for life, treats everyone with utmost love and kindness, believes in and cheers on the unique gifts and brilliance inside of everyone, puts her whole heart into everything she does, and has infectiously positive energy.
Christine lives in Bloomington, IN with her fabulous husband, amazing stepson, and three fluffy therapy dogs.

Learn even more about Christine and read her story HERE. >>>


Do I have to be UNHAPPY to attend?

No way! We have many radiant souls who have attended! Joyful people are actually the ones who are regularly doing things to inspire and replenish themselves and are the ones continually growing and learning! As you’ve probably noticed, joyful people overflow with positive energy. This is no accident or coincidence — they regularly do things to fill themselves up with it. You will likely feel validated by some of what we’ll be doing (“hey, I do that!”) and will also feel deeply inspired and illuminated by other new concepts and experiential processes uniquely designed to orient your mind, heart, body, and spirit evermore fully to joy. Plus, we have lots and lots of FUN, and you will get to meet amazing new friends!

Can I be feeling unhappy right now and attend?

Of course! You will be wholeheartedly and lovingly embraced and honored exactly as you are. And I can say with near certainty, you will feel renewed hope, lightness, and happiness when you leave Sunday evening and will re-enter the world filled up with new possibilities for your life! In fact, I offer a 100% refund for anyone who attends and doesn’t feel more joy by the time they leave!

Will you be sharing tools I can share with others (clients, students, loved ones, etc.)?

Yes, yes, and more yes! If you are a parent, teacher, practitioner, healer, therapist, or coach, I will be sharing an ABUNDANCE of concrete tools, based in Positive Psychology, for you to start implementing with clients, patients, and loved ones, helping them fulfill their own longing for more lasting happiness.

I want to come, but it feels scary!

Are you one of those people who saw the photos from past Awakening Your Joy Potential retreats and watched the video and then thought to yourself “this retreat definitely isn’t for people like ME!” 😉

If you think this retreat is simply for those who are naturally outgoing, have an easy time stretching outside of their comfort zones, laugh all the time, or who walk around waving colorful flags in the air, 😉 rest assured, this retreat is also for people who are terrified by the thought of spending a weekend with other humans focusing on happiness.
In fact, attending this retreat was OUTSIDE the comfort zone of MANY of the people who have come. Like you, they were scared, felt shy, and had no idea what was ahead. I’m sure it seemed easier just to say “nnnnnnext time, I’ll sign up.” But they decided to be more committed to HAPPINESS and FULFILLMENT than those fears.
In so many moments in life, we all have a choice:
– stay where we are, in the illusion of “comfort” and think it’s somehow “easier”
– realize our fears are directing us to the VERY things we need more of in our lives and trusting that, as we face those fears, they disappear and, on the other side of our fears, are those very things we’ve been longing for.
It’s much easier than you think! The hardest part is actually signing up. 🙂 Once you arrive, you will be guided every step of the way, can totally relax and enjoy the journey, and you will be awakening joy right alongside your joy brothers and sisters who are sooooo with you in it! They get it — more than you can imagine. 
The people who feel the most joy and are most fully alive are the ones continually leaning INTO their fears. They are more committed to what’s POSSIBLE than where they currently are. And it all happens in these kinds of moments, these decisions we make — to give our power to LOVE over fear.
If this retreat can serve you, I hope you’ll say YES to YOU! The kind, accepting, warm, and fun loving assistants and I will be there awaiting you with wide open arms and hearts the moment you arrive! <3
You won’t regret it 😉 And if your life isn’t better by the time you leave Sunday, just let me know, and I will give you a full refund! I truly want this to be of service you!
So much loving gratitude and cheers to you as you say YES to what you, deep down, REALLY want! 

What’s the benefit of the weekend retreat, rather than an online course or book I could read?


Unique Benefits of Weekend Experiential

  • At the retreat, you will delight in incredibly fun, one-of-a-kind, and transformative exercises that will get joy into your cells! These are EXPERIENTIAL processes I only share in the weekend immersion, and you will FEEL the difference between being here and simply reading something on your own! At the retreat, you get the best of all worlds because you will also learn concrete tools and techniques and bring home an entire guidebook to read and reread for years to come.
  • You will get to experience an incomparable energetic high of gathering with others to collectively unleash joy!
  • You will make amazing new friends!
  • Sometimes in life we truly need to unplug from everyday life and fully immerse ourselves in a focused and elevated environment to interrupt patterns, actually do the work, and make the biggest shifts.
  • This weekend is a BLAST, we laugh A LOT, and you will return to life incredibly replenished and renewed!

What if I don’t have a friend to join me?

No problem whatsoever! There will be many others flying solo as well, and you will meet new friends. We simply offer this opportunity to bring a friend at a discount, as we know the joy it brings to grow together and to spread love to others. However, having a friend is in no way required!

What if my friend is interested in the weekend retreat, but I am busy this time?

I will be offering Awakening Your Joy Potential approximately 2 times yearly, and, if you sign up for the buddy deal, you will simply have two tickets (one for you and a friend) that never expires! If you or your friend can’t attend this one, chances are, future dates will work!

Do we stay overnight for the retreat, and are meals included?

The retreat ends at 6:30 on both Saturday and Sunday, giving you the evening to relax, celebrate, and do whatever your heart desires! You will receive a variety of suggestions for places to stay, including on-site, if you don’t live nearby. There is a 90-minute lunch break each day, and you can either pack a lunch to enjoy on-site or enjoy a delicious lunch outing. Light snacks and tea will be provided!

Joyful Investment

Awakening Your Joy Potential
(live 2-day retreat)

early bird –$225

regular –$245

SPECIAL BUDDY DEAL – $395 for BOTH of you!

PAYMENT PLAN OPTION 1: for individuals (4 monthly installments of $60)

PAYMENT PLAN OPTION 2: for individuals (10 monthly installments of $25)

PAYMENT PLAN OPTION 3: for you + a friend together (4 monthly installments of $100)

*If you need to cancel, you will simply have a credit for a future retreat you can attend!