Wherever There is Joy, There is Gratitude

I am so deeply grateful for gratitude.  Is there anything more powerful when it comes to having the ability to shift us, in an instant, out of criticism, blame, fear, boredom, lack, and disconnection — in our lives, our relationships, our workplaces, our communities — and back into our hearts, into connection, into abundance, and into love? Gratitude is what allows me to scan the day at its end to fully receive all of the blessings of so many moments I would have otherwise missed. It’s what allows me to fall in love with my husband, my family, my friends, and with life, over and over again. Combined with love, it’s what opens my heart and connects it to yours. It’s what allows me to see and value the gifts inside of everyone. It’s what allows me to live with wonder and serve with reverence. It’s what literally multiplies blessings. It’s where the magic is. Wherever there is joy, there is gratitude. Gratitude is not about being in denial. It’s not an either/or. In fact, it’s about *not* being in denial of all there is to appreciate. Because of our fear-based survival instincts, we humans are hard-wired to scan our environment and one another for threats. And we are hard-wired to scan ourselves for weaknesses. While this might work for our survival, it stops there, and it limits our individual and collective potential. Through gratitude, we can literally rewire our brains — towards love and connection, kindness and service, togetherness…

Do you see things as they are or WORSE than they are?

It’s so important to see things as they are, but most people see things in their lives (and see themselves) as so much WORSE than they actually are. I am all about getting honest and real with ourselves and each other. I am all about feeling ALL our beautiful feelings. And, for me, the REALITY is that there is also always choice, always a gift, always creative solutions (and, yes, sometimes we need to get *really* creative), always a way to turn pain into purpose, always some sparkle of goodness, always a way to make meaning and miracles out of the seeming mess. And. This. Is. Amazing. We humans have SUPERPOWERS in this! If we over-focus our energy on how challenging it is, we miss out on how good it ALSO is and how GREAT it CAN BE! #joypotential #dontmissallthegoodstuff#loveiseverywhere #getoutofyourheadandintoyourheart #whatweseekwefind #landofpossibilities

Why Joy in the Workplace Matters

Why the fuzzy rainbow caterpillar?! 😀 First of all, thanks SO much to the Boys and Girls Club for inviting me to come lead a staff training today on “Cultivating Joy in the Workplace and Beyond.” I had a blast with their delightful team and so celebrate and honor them for valuing the importance of creating a positive environment to do the amazing service they do in our community! <3 Secondly, here are some RESEARCH TIDBITS about the power of joy in the workplace… Psychologists Sonja Lyubomirsky, Laura King, and Ed Diener discovered that the relationship between happiness and success is reciprocal: not only can success contribute to happiness but happiness itself leads to more success and the ability to thrive at work. Also, in 2004, Gallup conducted a worldwide research project, surveying more than four million employees about the importance of praise, appreciation, recognition, and feeling positively valued and supported as employees. Gallup concluded that employees who receive regular praise are more productive, more engaged, and more likely to stay with their organization than those who do not. The survey results also indicated that employees who are positively supported and appreciated are more loyal to the organization, more productive, happier, create more satisfied and loyal customers, are better team players, and have less sick days than employees who are not. <3 Cheers to that! <3 Thirdly, here’s a QUICK TIP + WHY THE RAINBOW CATERPILLAR! Here is one easy tip to cultivate a more positive workplace wherever you are!…

While our son was off at a meeting…

We just got back from dropping our son, Mayan, off as a freshman at Arizona State University and the Barrett Honors College. He is majoring in Sustainability and carries a big vision for our world in his heart! There is so much I could say about that goodness and so, so much gratitude… For now, I want to simply share the little lovenotes my hubby and I scattered through his room while he was off at an orientation meeting. 🙂 #independentbutalwaysconnected #stepmomjoy #infinitefamilylove

Always New Opportunities to Make Life Beautiful

Yesterday, I noticed that a lovely bouquet was looking very droopy, and the flowers were getting brown and a bit crunchy 🙂 Rather than composting them, I pulled off the petals and put them in a bowl of water with some essential oils and a few fresh yellow flowers…and voila…a flower sanctuary in a bowl! It’s like life. When one form isn’t working, we have the opportunity to find a new one that does! Even when something doesn’t serve the purpose it once did, we can give it a new beautiful purpose. There are always new opportunities to make life beautiful. Life is art. #turneverythingintosomethingbeautiful #messesintomiracles #creativesoulutions #lifeisart #joypotential

Do you do enough uni-tasking?

I am a maximizer, which means I love making the most of moments. Oftentimes, this comes in very handy and allows me to truly make the most of this precious gift of life. However, I’ve been reminded, yet again and again and again, that when it comes to communing with the most sacred space within me, that sacred space that is connected to the sacred that is beyond and bigger than me, that sacred space where I know the truest and most lasting joy, there is NO replacement for uni-tasking. So, as much as I love the idea of walking meditation where I can meditate + get fresh air + get exercise + center myself + walk our dogs 😀 (which is also amazing and valuable!), I have had some utterly mystical communions with my innermost self recently, filled with insights and an almost ecstatic peace. And I know these can only happen in the absolute stillness and in the space of deepest listening, receiving, and allowing a Love that is greater to emerge. Here is a little peek at my meditation room and where I go to come back home sweet home to the joy, the connection, and the inner knowing that is already here, just waiting for us all. #joypotential #makespaceforsomethingevengreatertoemerge #innerjoy #unitasking#purepresence

Finding Your Joy Tribe: When 1 + 1 = 3+

I met this sparkling gem of a human a few years ago at an entrepreneur’s business training we were both attending in California, and she’s become one of the most special treasures in my life! When we first met, I had this knowing in my heart that I wanted to get to know her better and am soooo grateful for her bright, sparkling presence in my life! Do you reach out to those people who make your heart smile? Are you surrounding yourself with people who inspire you? Although we humans have an extraordinary ability to generate joy from WITHIN, sharing life with others who support us in growing into who we were born to become and who are also committed to cultivating and spreading joy means 1 + 1 = 3+ 🙂 I am so happy and thankful to be visiting her in Santa Monica right now! And I am so grateful to be in this joy community with all of YOU!

How to Reignite Inspiration!

I am SO grateful for INSPIRATION! I love the aliveness of feeling inspired. I love creating, connecting, and contributing from a flow of genuine inspiration. Because I LOVE inspiration so much, I am continually paying close attention to what inspires me and intentionally filling my life with those things. When you’re feeling stagnant, stuck, or deflated, there are ways to begin identifying your own sources of inspiration so you can breathe vitality back into life! Here are some ideas to get started… – What places most inspire you to be in (nature, coffee shops, museums, yoga studios, etc.)? – What time of going to bed and waking up are most conducive to inspiration for you? – What colors are most inspiring for you to both surround yourself with and wear? – What music inspires you? – What are the most inspiring ways to help and spread joy to others? – What people inspire you to be around? – What do you feel inspired from reading or watching? – What does it inspire you to talk about? – What is a new place or activity you can try? – What kind of movement generates inspiration in you? – What food feels inspiring to prepare and eat? There are some pathways to inspiration that I find really common — like actively striving towards meaningful dreams and goals, using our strengths and gifts to do what we love, witnessing kindness in others, seeing someone stretch beyond what they thought was possible, getting quiet…

My Go-To Word When I’m Feeling Sluggish

What to do when you’re feeling tired? While it is sometimes a signal that your body is calling for deep stillness and rest, and you may feel “too tired to do anything,” it is often a sign that it is actually the PERFECT TIME to ACTIVATE your energy. I just noticed my energy start to drop, and I want to have a wonderful date night with my hubby and be fully present and full of ALIVENESS. I know that whenever I take a run in the fresh outside air, I always feel a renewal of vitality! One of my personal favorite words when I am feeling sluggish is: ACTIVATE! I then think of some way that I can MOVE the energy and increase the flow of life force! There are MANY ways to ACTIVATE. May you find what works most wonderfully for YOU! Now I am off on my run with three fluffy pups leading the way 😉 Abundant and loving blessings of joyful ACTIVATION! XO