Living in the Land of Possibilities

Here I am with my awesome hubby and son visiting the place where the Wright Brothers took flight for the first time in human history. Such an inspiring place to be! It’s amazing what happens with passionate and purpose-driven perseverance. It took committing and recommitting thousands of times to their greater vision and dream of finding a way to fly. And, in 1903, they did it! I absolutely LOVE and am so grateful for stories of humans who live in the land of possibilities, and I dedicate my life to living there with them! 🙂 We only ever discover what’s possible when we open to believing in what’s possible!

Reiki Training & the Joy of Helping People Awaken Their Healing Gifts

My joy = co-creating heart-centered community, celebrating the magic and wonder of life with others, seeing the unique healing gifts inside of everyone, being a lifelong student, making life meaningful, and having the absolute joy and honor of sharing what I’ve learned over the years to serve and support others! Here is a collage from the Reiki training I was so blessed to teach this weekend! Look at those gorgeous lights! If you want to learn more about Reiki and future opportunities to learn, I warmly welcome you to my Heart Spirals website! #shineyourlight #giveeverythingagreaterpurpose#servingisjoy #weareallinthistogether #healinghands#healinghearts #ourheartsconnectus #heartspirals#Reiki #Reikitraining

Why Joy is a Practical Priority

Do you postpone joy because you feel like you have too many other things to get done first? HERE’S THE EXCITING TRUTH ABOUT JOY! >>> Joy is an incredibly practical priority. When we live in joy, we are more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient, kind, generous, productive, inspired, healthy, flexible, adaptable, team-oriented, successful, intelligent, connected, and insightful. In other words, when you shift into a joy state and positive mindset, you can get MORE done with greater effectiveness and ease. I am just popping in with lots of loving support to prioritize joy this week! XO #prioritizejoy #practicalpositivity #joypotential #joychangeseverything

Are you leaking your joy?

Have you ever had this kind of experience: you end up putting off a task for days, months, or even years that would only take you 30 minutes to complete? It keeps moving from one to-do list to the next, or it continues to linger in the back of your mind. You regularly plan to get to it, but then another day passes without having the satisfaction of checking it off the list…